Sunday, June 14, 2009

An apology from Beushausen

Beccah Beushausen has posted an apology here. It additionally offers a list of reasons/excuses, but also inconsistencies, such as stating she has not been online, or reading blogs/message boards. This is untrue. She has been to this site many times, and she has used one of her pseudonyms to comment on at least one other site as late as Tuesday.

Knowing that there are at least two falsehoods (and we have received emails suggesting a handful of others), please read with a grain of salt.

There is no comment on the help she is receiving, but she is home and no longer at a psychiatric facility. Beushausen is young, the same age as Gina Fiorentino, and our hope is that she gets the help she needs now and sets herself up for a life that she (and family and friends) can be proud of.

EDIT: Welcome to our readers from The Gibson Twins! Brianne did such a wonderful job of web sleuthing and outting this story, and we're happy to be associated with her in all this.

We have had some emails regarding Beccah closing comments and people still wanting to contact her. You can email her here at her personal email address.


Anonymous said...

Comments have been closed, following a rather defensive statement about moderating them because of the people who are perpetuating all this "gossip".

Jenn said...

I'm glad comments were closed actually. She doesn't need any more attention whether it be positive or negative.

She needs serious psychological help.

DownWiththeTrolls said...

Interesting enough, she also comments that she doesn't know how to use IP addresses, yet she has the wherewithal to use her her file system to block search engines.

The very best thing she could do is turn off the computer, unplug it and not turn it on again for several months. The time and effort she put into her blog had to have been substantial - she is probably having withdrawal from not posting on top of everything else.

Michelle said...

I started a blog about this:

I wanted to get all of the information into one site and be able to post updates as they occur. I included a link back to your site. Let me know if that's okay.

I changed my profile name (was posting on here earlier as "Mamasita") because I wanted to use my real name and picture so no one would think I was another deceptive, anonymous blogger like "B". I know everyone is very cautious right now.

Barb said...

If she has not touched her mail in 2 weeks how can she say its false that people have claimed to have sent her money and checks! I think the police should check her mail box, or she should take a bit of responsibility and go and empty it in the post office and send the un opened mail back to those who mailed her!not wait for the post office to do it! give the people there stuff back now!

Dani said...

I am trying to make some good from this bad situation. I would like to continue HWW so please visit and send my your requests.

Elisabeth said...

What a joke! She's Still lying some things never change

Callie said...

Has anyone thought to:

- edit the Munchausen-by-Internet entry at Wikipedia with the April Rose Scam included as one of the cases?

- Create an entry for April Rose Scam by Beccah Rose Beushausen (just as others have been created)?

I believe it's been mentioned, but I was wondering if anyone on here planned to do it.

Down with the Trolls ... you'd be a great one to write up the entries. Non-biased, non-emotional - just the facts.

Sarah said...

Her statement that she has received no money is FALSE. My close friend DID send her a check. And it was cashed. That is a complete lie!!!

Carmen said...

Im really curious about what the "special surprise" Rachael spoke of when doing the various updates on April. Anyone know?

Jenn said...


I always thought the "special surpise" was the strip of pictures posted. Maybe I'm wrong though.

Anonymous said...

There looks like another similar scam. Take a look at

Melissa.M.Loss said...

She has an excuse for everything!!

Callie said...

Did you see that published Beccah's apology on their website?

Bet she's loving this.

I'm gonna go get sick now.

All these lies are getting to me.

Melissa.M.Loss said...

Me to *Puke* She really makes me sick and mad because now she has sob story's! I am so so mad! Some of us really lived what she made a joke of!!

tinyarmada said...

After reading Beccah's "apology" this morning I was furious. I work in PR and what Beccah is desperately trying to do is called damage control. The fact she told so many obvious LIES in her "apology" it infuriates me. She is also moderating comments on the post so that ONLY most positive, flattering ones are posted - all 17 of them which I would bet 8 are Beccah sock-puppets. Read the comments she's lets through - it a veritable praise Beccah lovefest. I'm sure she hopes they will be quoted in future stories too. No doubt hundreds of comments have been left but only 17 positive ones - the fact she is still trying to spin this to make herself look good makes me think she has learned nothing and its sick. She should allow all those women who were hurt by her to vent their anger and true feelings, openly. Beccah owes them that much at the very least.

Did it not infuriate you how many times Beccah had the nerve to accuse other people online of LYING??

"Regarding people's "inside sources": In a word - lies"
"This is not true. I would love to be able to prove this with IP address links, but unfortunately do not know how to do that..."
"This is false. I don't know if the people who are speaking like this are ..."
"I am not sure why people are saying these things, but they are entirely false..."

I love that Beccah has the gumption to call others out for lying online don't you? Obviously she is a creditable source we should believe about liars online. Pot meet kettle. ::)

Okay, where was I, oh that's right picking apart Beccah's totally insincere mea culpa!

She is trying to excuse her twisted behavior with constant references to past "traumas" which I don't know about you guys - but I don't believe she is capable of telling the truth about anything. The truth and Beccah have been estranged for too long to trust anything she says. Besides, as many have said, even if some "traumas" are partly true it doesn't excuse anything she has done. Many woman suffer all sorts of awful tragedies and they don't exploit thousands of caring women by inventing a fake pregnancy and collect donations for it.

I also think she is hiding behind the whole "Jesus/Christianity" thing in order to deflect criticism. She HAS been online (these types can't stop reading what's being written about them) and has seen the most effective way the criticism has been stopped is by invoking "Christian sympathy for this troubled young woman" - so she's pushing this hard in her apology. Its too her advantage to try and guilt her Christian readers to lay off by invoking their religion. I think her exploiting of Christian morals is about as sick as her fake pregnancy blogging.

Beccah has been online and posting - so yet another lie. I notice she didn't mention anything about the "InhisTIGHTgrip" sock-puppet either. She is also lying about donations received by claiming she has not visited the PO BOX in weeks - Bulls**t. That's the cover story for when people come forward with proof they did send checks, cash, gift. She will just say she hasn't checked the box recently so if they are there she doesn't know. Notice she totally avoided the whole t-shirt money making scam too. Do you guys really believe out of all the thousands of readers she had for months all she was sent was a blanket, boots, and bow? Come on!!!

Beccah had her chance to make this all go away and die down if she had just TOLD THE TRUTH for once. Instead she continues to lie and try to spin the story to make herself look as innocent and good as she possibly can given the circumstances. The fact that she continues to lie leads me to believe she has learned nothing from this whole mess.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

The Southtown Star had an article that said the police had visited Beccah's parents' home on more than one occasion. Another site said that she'd suffered something traumatic about 5 years ago. Perhaps she's had a troubled life and is reacting to it by seeking all this attention, however misguided it is. I can't help but wonder what the rest of her family is like.

Boycott Mckmama said...

I'm shocked that she actually apologised if you can call it that. I really thought she would disappear!

momof3boys said...

Ryan Myer the husband of "B"'s friend Raechel posted on his blog about the money they gave her yesterday. I don't know the exact address but it should be easy to find. He stated that he sent a $50 check to PASS with in honor of Beccah and that the rest of the money made from the T-shirt sales was wire transferred to Beccah herself.He directed everyone to Beccah's e-mail if they had questions. She will never stop, she has is a sociopath!!

Anonymous said...

Ryan's post about the t-shirts is gone now...hmm, that's a little odd, don't you think?

trolls suck said...

Watch out for the profile she used to post as Kelli who she claimed was with her after the birth (notice she has been using this account since Sept 08)

She says she worked alone so this is Beccah.

After searching on Myspace using the email Ryan posted I found her other Myspace too

In case anyone didn't see Ryan's post here is the cachedd version

Callie said...

So her other email address is, huh?

Interesting. And her MySpace page where she says she from Pennsylvania ... this girl's a nutjob. I bet she even catches imaginary butterflies in the air!

By the way, did anyone notice her "Occupation" description on this new made-up MySpace page? It says "In the practice of intervening... "

Hmmmmmmm. Could this mean she thinks she's in the practice of intervening for people who are equally nut-jobish under her fake persona of being a Social Worker? Say, in a nutWARD?

She just keeps spinning this web of lies, and they're most definitely going to come back and bite her in the behind.

Callie said...

BTW, I just noticed that she FINALLY changed her name at the bottom left of the BS letter to read "Beccah" instead of "My never-was-dead-fake-babydoll April Rose."

All I can say is she is INDEED TROLLING THESE BLOGS. She's actually quite sloppy in her edits. VERY OBVIOUS!

trolls suck said...

This page isn't new, it says she created it in 2005
over on the left column, but it was updated on the 9th. She probably just created it to lurk other peoples pages. This ho is nuts.

Anonymous said...

If she is lurking here that Myspace should be closed any minute, countdown! 5,4,3,2
-trolls suck

Elizabeth said...

Wasn't there talks at one time about another Blog called Cover in Rain that was was another deceptive blogger??

tinyarmada said...

RE: Trolls Suck
You called it the MySpace page is now down and Beccah is still obsessively reading all the comments about her pathetic scamming life.

Anonymous said...
it's still up, for the moment, the looney bin must be keeping her busy today

Anonymous said...|main|dl2|link3|

Paxton said...

My favourite part of her post was when she said that all those seeking refunds/payment for items and donations they sent she will back them back "when she is financially able" so in other words you'll get your money when hell freezes over.

Callie said...

She's probably curled up in bed with her fake dead baby doll as we speak rocking back and forth from withdrawl over the fact that most of her thought-to-be-friends have now moved on and would rather never hear her name spoken again.

Amy said...

There is a Pittsburgh, Illinois and an Orland Park, Illinois...both were referenced (I believe) on her MySpace page.

In the Chicago Tribune's article today, they state that she worked at women's crisis centers in Tinley Park, Illinois and Pittsburgh, Illinois.

Callie said...


Have any of you heard the story that Beccah actually told a couple two years ago that she would be giving over her child to them since they could not conceive/carry one of their own -- and then pulled out of it and said she wasn't pregnant after all?

I also just heard that she was expelled from college for lies and scams.

Not sure what to believe at this point, but was wondering if any of you had heard these stories. Amazing how the reporter didn't think to do a background check of sorts to dig up any past scams she's been involved in. I think that would've been rather easy!

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine she is still reading her emails at this point?

Anonymous said...

I don't know why the people that sent her money are getting all upset now! Not that I think her whole scam is ok, but i don't understand why people were sending her money in the first place! I read the blog and she never came across as being in financial need, at least i never got that impression from her!

Lorri said...

re: the aliases. She "forgot" to mention Susan Kleasy (Sue) too. I have the emails from real Beccah and fake Sue to prove they are one and the same. I confronted her about it weeks ago. Rachel and Jennifer know about it too. So, I guess that makes me (check my references), Rachel and Jennifer all liars. Interesting.

I forgive Beccah for lying. I am not a hater but I am very angry with her lies and continuing lies. Even with forgiveness there is a still accountability that needs to take place.

There is a difference between forgiveness and facing the consequences of her actions. If the false adoption scam is true, and the stealing from the art dealer, and she waltzes merrily into the sunset on the blog fraud, what is next?

I shutter at the thought.

Jenn said...

I have also heard about the false adoption scam. I'm almost sure it's true as it was checked out and verified.

I also heard that she stole money from her employer, which I got the feeling was true too.

I've also heard about another scam she pulled in college. She told all her friends that her boyfriend/fiance died in a car accident. Then did some "fund raising" to help with her living expenses, tuition, etc.. Fine, except the boyfriend never died.

Beccah needs help, this is a pattern of behavior for her. If she doesn't change, she will end up in jail or prison. You can only go around so long pulling scams and using the excuse that you have had a rough life. Sooner or later it all catches up to you.

Anonymous said...

How about the stage 4 cervical cancer scam? Yep, I'm afraid so.

Anonymous said...

Yes, all of the above are indeed true.

At what point is this sorry excuse for a human going to be held accountable??

Derwin Mark said...

I am the uncle of Beccah, and I thought I should post a comment about this situation.

A reporter from the Chicago Tribune called me about a week and a half ago asking me about Beccah. Well, I told him about the story 2 years ago when a couple called me wanting to know where Beccah was. They were the couple that said they were expecting to adopt Beccahs yet unborn baby.

Well, I came to find out that Beccah was not even pregnant, and it was indeed all a scam. I called my brother Dean (Beccahs father) to ask him what was going on, and he denied everything, and said that the people that contacted me were simply pulling some kind of prank on Beccah! I guess we can all see now WHO it was pulling the prank!

This entire thing is really unfortunate. I pray that Beccah gets psychological help as soon as possible. If she don't, I'm afraid she will go on scamming people.

Anonymous said...

Derwin you are a good guy and it takes guts to make the comment you did online - thanks. I'm glad some of Beccah's family members don't find her behavior acceptable and are willing to discuss her other scams letting people know this is far from her first scam and probably not her last - unless something is done.

Anonymous - what do you know about Beccah pulling a cancer scam? If you can email me at clausvonbulow AT I'd like to compare some stuff with you.

Derwin Mark said...

By the way, Beccah contacted me today, and tole me to STOP posting about her. She stated that I was "spreading falsehoods" about her. She also went on to again claim how much of a victim she is and how much she is hurting.

Well, I was actually offended by what she said to me. In no way whatsoever have I ever "spread falsehoods" about her. I simply stated what I know, and what her father (Dean) has told me in the past.

If Beccah were a 15 year old little girl, I would be more willing to let this all pass, and I'm sure a lot of other people MAY have a little bit of sympathy for a confused little girl. But Beccah is NOT a 15 year old little girl. She is a 26 year old adult woman who should know better. She also claims to be a "Christian" that loves the Lord. Well, this being the case, her actions become even more reprehensible and inexcusable.

Instead of trying to play a hurt "victim", Beccah should have simply come out with the truth, took her bumps and bruises, and then vanished from the internet altogether. That would have been best FOR HER. But, as we all know, she should have never launched the scam to begin with.

I quoted Beccah the scripture today: "Those that sow to the wind, will reap the whirlwind". She sowed a great deal of pain in many peoples lives, and now she is simply reaping what she has sown....tenfold. It's unfortunate, but she is simply going to have to buckle-up and move forward with her life.

I tried to explain to her that the "pain" that SHE is "suffering" at this time is really IRRELEVANT, but it seems she is simply not able to comprehend that fact.

At any rate, I hope Dean and Rose obtain psychological help for her.

Derwin Beushausen

Anonymous said...

Well said Derwin. It's nice to see one family member is sane.

Would also like to know how Beccah knows you are posting? She claims to not have touched the internet since this all happened.

Anonymous said...

I am very suspect of this blog The header looks similar to April Rose header and the author is waaaay too invested in this story. I believe it to be Beccah.

MiniMe Mom said...

Take a look at Rufflebutt blog. For the ad on her site, she obviously took a donation.

The best thing for her to have done was tell the truth, but it is obvious she does not know how.

Derwin Mark said...

To anonymous...

It's obvious that Beccah is continuing in her deceitful ways, since she has indeed told me that she has PERSONALLY read what I have posted on a couple blogs. When I read that in one of her emails to me, I immediately remembered what she said in her apology about NOT reading any blogs!

Unfortunately, she has chosen a road of deception that will utterly ruin her life if she continues in it. As her uncle, I pray that she changes her ways.


Anonymous said...

I appreciate your honesty Derwin. i can only imagine the embarrassment this has caused you. I think you brave to come forward and express your distaste for her behaviour. This WILL catch up with her... it's only a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

to the person who commented about "my thoughts on April Rose" blog being beccah??

Nice try Beccah. is it wierd for you to be trying to drive traffic AWAY from a blog as opposed the driving it TO your blog???

"My Thoughts" is legit.

ejsaddler said...

'my thoughts' is MY blog...I am legit and not at all suspect. I live in North Texas and every time I have posted anywhere my IP has proven that.

I made my header in the same style as beccah's as a PARODY, genius.

I am so sick of a *certain* group of people. If you don't like my blog, ----> there is the exit. Feel free to hang a left on your way out.

DownWiththeTrolls said...

ejsaddler is not Beccah. As she posted on her blog, she is as entitled to investigating this as anyone else.

We have received emails about a few things we've read on the my thoughts blog, but since we cannot verify ANY of them, we don't feel it's appropriate to list every rumor that's being passed around. If we do get information that substantiates any of these rumors, we will pass that information on.

As we saw with Gina and others on here, people who pull this kind of crap are REPEAT OFFENDERS. We have no doubts that Beccah has been lied in the past, or that she's lying now. We cannot dig up every wrong-doing in the past, BUT we can make sure that these people's names are branded on the Web so they will not easily be able to get away with this crap in the future.

Derwin Beushausen said...


I have just been THREATENED by the brother of Beccah Beushausen, and a POLICE REPORT has been filed.

I am Beccahs uncle, Derwin Beushausen, and I just received this threatening email from Jonathan Beushausen (Beccahs brother)...

"hey im not sending u this 2 threaten u in anyway, i jst want u 2 know tho if u speak ill-will about my sister again or my dad over internet or anywhere else i am going to personally deal with you myself .idk if u know too much about me uncle derwin but ive never really cared about the actions i have taken through my life & never worry about consequences that is me and thats how ive always been..."

That is the entire email, and it is definitely a threat. I called the Elwood Police Deptartment (where I live), and reported this threat to them. I just finished speaking with the officer, and he said the police report will be logged in immediately, and that I can obtain a copy of it on Monday morning. When I obtain a copy, I will post it to the internet for public consumption.

The police report number is 09-06-1564 and the officer who filed it is Officer Paul Sedlacek of the Elwood Police Dept.

I do NOT succumb to threats.

Derwin Beushausen

Drahcir said...

I am an ACTUAL Christian, and I find this to[sarcasm]great[/sarcasm]

*epic temper explosion+rant ensues*

God help her.

P.S. Derwin, I commend you. Keep it up!

P.P.S. Beccah, If you are reading this, please go see your local pastor/priest. Please.

jwcase said...

Holy crap. Half of these comments are written by the same person. Who the hell writes a blog about nothing but an insane attention whore's lies and adventures? No one! They write their own, in the crazy assed attempt to control the narrative themselves. WOW! This batshit is crazy!

DownWiththeTrolls said...

This is a pretty funny synopsis:

Crass, but entertaining.

Anonymous said...

I can only try to imagine what Becca is feeling right now but whatever she has done if God can forgive her her sins then we should too. She will be punished for her actions one day but it is not our place to judge. Somebody who can do such things as her must be in a great deal of psychological pain and I hope she gets the help she needs before its too late.

Anonymous said...

Another scam