Wednesday, June 10, 2009

April Rose update

Unlike Friends of Pepe, Beccah Beushausen's April Rose blog appears to be a money scam, and a big one. Two pseudonyms are peppered all over the web by InHISTightGrip and mamarebekaah, requesting people to visit the site, which drives up page views and advertiser click thrus. At nearly a million visitors, that's a lot of loose change.

In addition to making money on this scam, and fooling hundreds of thousands of readers, this troll also took advantage of the non-profit group Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep by allowing one of their photographers to do a "maternity session."

If you are looking for posts, you can read the blog here.

Thank you to everyone for sending us information on this. We're getting it faster than we can verify and get it online. There are several sites that have already done a great job gathering information so for all the details, please visit the ones we listed below, as well as The Gibson Twins blog.


Lorri said...

She also used the alias Susan Kleasy or "Sue"

Anonymous said...

Just found this....note her middle name!!!

Beccah Rose Beushausen
Beccah Rose Beushausen is a professional artist who works in the media of watercolor, oil, pen and ink, and colored pencil. She specializes in expressive cartoon-like images, as well as the combination of inks and watercolor in abstract pieces. All of her work stays visually unified with the contrast of black alongside bright hints of colors.

Beccah has been creating art since a young age, and has been working under the name See Through Me Studios since 2005. “The beauty in friendship, the pains of love, the longing for someone lost, the beauty in the ordinary, the wish that you could turn back time – In many ways my feelings are universal. My hope is that every person who views my work is able to find the life and experiences within themselves to help them define what they see.”

Beccah is currently working doing commission work as well as creating more of her signature cartoons for future exhibits. More detailed information is available on her site.

Site Link:

Important Note: Beccah Rose Beushausen is one of over 100 artists who have been featured on since we launched in October 2008. We featured one of her pieces (shown below) and other than that we don’t have any connection with her.

Gibson Twins said...
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