Wednesday, October 29, 2008


We have had an influx of Pepe/Gina emails this week, as she was "exposed" on the AOL Horse and Dog chat rooms she frequents. Thank you to readers for sending us the following information.

Gina is posting under new user names - Eventing4Fun and eventer723.

She has a Wii. No word on if this is the original Wii, or a new one:

She has dropped the claims that she has Cystic Fibrosis, but has told people that she is "on board with the DWT team", and we tipped her off about our investigation. Right. She also claimed that someone stole her pictures and videos. She doesn't know who we are, and thanks to all the information everyone has spread around, her actions haven't fallen to the wayside on her favorite forums.

She stands by her claims she has Asperger's on a handful of sites, but she fails to mention Munchausen by Internet anywhere.

Kelsey Smith
's site was up for about a day, but was taken down again, along with her Twitter account. We have received emails letting us know that she is NOT related to the children she watches, which concerns us. She has taken on some very dangerous story lines in emails about indeed being 32 years old, and her changing role as the caretaker of the children, which we're hoping she will quickly drop. If not, we will expose what we know, but for now, because of her age, we are going to give her an opportunity to toe the line and be responsible and truthful for who she is on her site.

Thank you for all the updates

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Half a troll - My Sweet Life

My Sweet Life was a popular and active blog that followed the tales of three children - Dennis, Emeray, and Yasmine, and their caretaker, Kelsey. They jet-set all over, having visited Alaska, Mexico, and most recently, Europe, in just the last few months. The family speaks Turkish, and Kelsey commented on how she's been speaking Turkish as a second language for 15 years. This summer, producers of "Wife Swap" even contacted the popular blogger about appearing on their show.

Kelsey twittered here as well, and there were times stories that made Twitter did not show up in her blog. In Twitter, she was very politically active, and announced she registered to vote "for the first time" in August, and was excited about voting for McCain in November.

Only, Kelsey isn't eligible to vote. She's sixteen, and she's still in high school in Washington. On other various sites, Kelsey lists herself as "32" and her blog as "The snippets and ramblings about a family trying to survive in modern day suburbia. Armed with a camera, bible, laptop, three kids under four, two parents, and a blog about the extraordinary life of a average suburban family."

In a couple instances, she did correct readers by mentioning she was not the mother of the three children in her blog, but many commenters thought she was, and she did not correct their assumptions.

The site came down in early October, and her Twittering stopped. Her usernames can be found around the Internet, but for the most part, Kelsey seems to be a bored high school student whose blog and photography became popular, and who began embellishing her life at times. She does know the children from her blog -- the pictures and information were hers, and were not stolen from another site.

Because of her age and because her blog was harmless (no gifts, requests for money, dying individuals), we won't release any more of the personal information we have about Kelsey or the children in the blog.

Thank you to J for emailing us about this blog.

Article: Woman faked cancer three times

Suzy Bass had less than a year to live. The Knoxville, Tennessee, high school math teacher was battling stage IV breast cancer, and it had spread to her shoulder and heel. Chemotherapy no longer worked; an experimental bone marrow therapy she'd tried as a last resort appeared futile. Her students and colleagues were devastated. Bass, then 41, was a popular newcomer to the picturesque private Webb School near the Smoky Mountains that fall of 2007. "Ms. Bass was the cool teacher," says Michaelan Moore, 18, who was a junior in Bass's Algebra II class. "Everyone just loved her immediately. We could tell her anything."
Thanks to a reader who emailed this to us.