Thursday, June 11, 2009

Article on Beccah Beushausen

For woman who blogged about fake pregnancy, 'one lie led to another'

CHICAGO, Jun 11, 2009 (Chicago Tribune - McClatchy-Tribune News Service via COMTEX) -- The unmarried mother's story about giving birth to a child diagnosed as terminally ill in the womb hit a major nerve on the Internet.

Every night for the past two months, thousands of pro-life moms across the nation logged on to a blog run by the suburban Chicago woman who identified herself only as "B" or "April's Mom." People said they prayed that God would save her pregnancy. They e-mailed her photos of their children dressed in pink, bought campaign T-shirts, shared tales of personal heartache and redemption, and sent letters and gifts to an Oak Lawn P.O. Box in support.

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Interesting tidbits from the article: Beushausen is a social worker. The article also claims "There's no evidence that Beushausen benefited financially in any significant way, or committed any crime." The keyword in that sentence being "significant," which is subjective.

If Beushausen is to be believed, the blog started as a case of classic Munchausen by Internet, but turned into a money hoax. Since she was an avid follower of other better-known bloggers whose children are ill and she spent substantial time driving readers to her site, one can only wonder which was truly the driving force - the money she saw bloggers making or the attention they were receiving?

Word on the street that is not included in the article is that Beushausen is now in a long-term mental facility seeking help.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand something. She had BlogHer ads up, and from what I read that pays $.02/hit. She had nearly 1 million hits. So how did she not profit? That is a lot of money. That's the part that upsets me and that I can't stop thinking about: every time I checked in there money was generated. The whole prayer list, I would read that, check out the link, go back, over and over. IT feels like that was devised to promote that behavior.

It's so messed up.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she can use that money to pay for her mental health...

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I have personal and direct knowledge of this young lady. She stole from my business and I have been considering prosecuting her. She is NOT a Social Worker in any licensed or real sense. Her degree is in Fine Arts - as in, she is an ARTIST, not a Social Worker. Why and how she was hired in that position and the idea that she really is one is perplexing. She is a talented artist, kind and disarmingly easy to like - it is a shame that she has gone so far astray.

Callie said...

As a journalist myself, I must say, I am absolutely appalled at the freshman-level reporting done for this article. Any educated and esteemed journalist knows the value of many sources. Clearly, this reporter sought only two sources. The first being Jennifer Mckinney, a woman shamelessly known for voraciously plugging her own advertisement-heavy blog to drive traffic and collect large sums of money in the process. She, herself, makes a living off her own child's suffering and uses tactics to keep her readers in suspense so they continuously check in, thereby making her more money. It's unfortunate this reporter's "radar" was so skewed that she chose to "reach out" to a woman whose only motives were to plug her own blog. The second source was even more appalling -- the severely mentally ill Beccah Rose Beushausen herself known now to thousands on the Internet as being nothing more than a pathological liar who still plays make believe and doesn't see any wrong in stealing and doing it all in the name of Jesus Christ and the Anti-Abortion Movement.

This article is nothing but lies. But a good reporter would know that and, as a result, would've started over with reputable sources. Ms. Beushausen is an artist, and has a business named See Through Me Studios. She's also been featured on Wall Blank. While she is 26, she used her same calculated approach with this reporter and made her out to be the fool. Many women have suffered miscarriages and those same women often seek the comfort of the Lord rather than wreaking emotional havoc on other suffering womens' lives.

You need to either go back to Journalism School or go to your nearest used car lot to take up selling. This was an embarrassment for the Chicago Tribune. Outright embarrassment. Your reporting was simply horrendous and only perpetuated more lies and more hurt for innocent praying mothers and fathers who went to the Lord on this young girls' behalf.

For your reading pleasure, I've included the link to Beccah's blogposts for " " -- but prepare yourself ... it's a whole lotta lies. The sick, calculated kind. And even though she THINKS she deleted everything out there on the Internet, sadly, that did not happen. Funny thing about the Internet. And because of this, she's ruined.

Callie said...

Regarding my previous post, it's a comment I posted on the Chicago Tribune's website directed at the reporter for doing such a poor job on the article.

DownWiththeTrolls said...
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DownWiththeTrolls said...

You are right - it was not well-written. It would be interesting to see if the writer verified any of the information.

I'm sure her editor would know for sure, and if she didn't, there's thousands of unemployed journalists out there who would kill for a position on the Trib.

Paper cuts map

Gibson Twins said...

ABC (national) is doing a story on all this too. I talked to him at length. He was interested in as many sources as I could provide along with using screenshots etc instead of sympathy pics like Tribune.

Will forward that link when available

Michelle said...

she runs an art studio. now she's a social worker? which is it??

the article says she really did have a son that died. but i can't believe her.

plus - she did get money.

she SAYS it wasn't planned to be a hoax - but READ THE TITLE OF IT! when you create the blog, you don't put "little one april" if you're going to write about your dead son. it just makes NO SENSE AT ALL!

looks like this reporter got sucked into more lies. this woman is driving me nuts!

(and btw, i've been kidnapped by my father, abused for 11 years, and lost my best friend - but have done nothing like this at all. having a rough life isn't an excuse!)

Vibrant Skies said...

Michelle, you bring up a great point about using April's name in the blog title. It was her intention all along!

Anonymous said...

I can't say this absolutely, but BlogHer considered her to be in violation of their advertising agreement, had not paid her any money, and will not be paying her any money. That is what I've heard, from a BlogHer blogger associated with the ad program.

I don't say this to defend her, because I think she's completely in the wrong and this is still a scam that involves money, because it appears that many, many people sent money to her PO box. But if it makes anyone feel better, it appears as if she's not profiting from BlogHer.

But the independent advertisers, like Ruffle Butts and Gracious May, did pay her directly for advertising. But it wasn't anywhere near the revenue she would have gotten from BlogHer.

Kyle said...

I think it is important to note that this person WAS NOT a social worker and that the Tribune was incorrect in stating so. Just like a lawyer or a doctor, a person must be licensed by the state in order to carry the title of social worker. This individual does not appear in the database provided by IDFPR at

keepingitprivate said...

Beccah's old profile

has been re-activated, and there is a new blog going, as well.

Same email on the profile, as well.

If this is Beccah, that puts a pretty big dent in all the reports that she is in a psych hospital getting help.

Derwin Mark said...

I am Beccah's Uncle, and I am really disturbed by what she has done.

2 years ago I was contacted by a couple claiming that they were going to be taking possession of Beccah's unborn child when it was born. Well, we never even knew she was pregnant! And when I asked her father, Dean, about it, he said that it was all a hoax, and that Becky was not pregnant, and the people that spoke with me were playing a prank.

Now I come to find out that the couple were not pulling off any kind of prank.....Becky was!

I think this young lady does indeed have psychological problems, and need treatment.

It's a terrible shame that a whole lot of good Christian people were deceived by this girl.

Derwin Beushausen

Mamasita said...

I sent an email to the reporter who wrote the Tribune article.

I told her that she could have at least done her research...the very beginning of the article talks about April Rose "dying within hours of birth". That shows that Ms. Janssen didn't even read the blog! It would have taken her just a few minutes to read the last few blog posts to see how it all played out. That is absolutely ridiculous.

I also pointed out how heavily the blog was promoted by Beccah's "inHIStightgrip" alias. This was never supposed to be a small blog for family and friends. It was very well planned. I'm actually impressed at how well she pulled this all off, but sociopaths are not stupid people.

I actually sent in a story submission to 20/20 with all the links where they could find info. I just wanted to see someone take this seriously and do more than the Tribune did.

Also, I am really upset about the pro-life spin that has been put on this. I wish I had the link, but there was an online article written that referenced the Tribune article. In it, they talked about this being some kind of anti-abortion thing and said that "pro-lifers bought campaign t-shirts". What the?!

No one has bothered to read the information that is out there. All someone had to do was read the old blog, and see the picture of the t-shirts. These are not "pro-life" shirts!

Because this is being reported as a Christian/Anti-Abortion story, people are going to dismiss it. They're not getting the point: this girl lied and hurt people and took their gifts and money. Pro-life has nothing to do with it.

I am hoping a news outlet will see the whole picture and concentrate on what a psycho Beccah is instead of making it sound like this was all about pro-lifers.

I haven't been in a church in about 15 years and am pro-choice, and I still read this blog, was emotionally touched by it, and was hurt and angry when it turned out to be a big lie.

DownWiththeTrolls said...

Derwin - sorry to hear you're having to find all this out about your niece. Her father's comments were disturbing. He almost sounded proud of her and certainly his comments were dismissive.

Hopefully it was just a show of unity and he (AND OTHERS) will make sure Beccah gets the help she actually needs.

Anonymous said...

I'm the 1st commenter. I'm glad if Blogher isn't paying her. I realized something else last night. I can't find a cached link that works to check this, but I think that this money thing is still a huge part of what happened. I read the Blogher ad requirements and to have the ads the blog must be 90 days old. Therefore it seems like that blog may have been up for a while before anyone knew, just waiting to suck people in. That would explain the elaborate design for a blog for "friends and family". Also, I read straight from the beginning and I am pretty certain the ads always existed.

Finally this needs said: Mental illness is NOT an excuse. *I* am severely mentally ill. I have bipolar I disorder and my "severe" label comes from the Cleveland Clinic, not known for exaggeration. I do not do these things. I make choices that provide help in my life. That's my responsibility.

When we all sigh and say "mentally ill" as if it's an excuse this just adds to the constant prejudice people with mental illness already face.

ElisaC said...

Hi everyone:

FYI: You can read BlogHer's official response to this here.

It's short, but to the point: The blogger in question will receive no compensation from BlogHer due to violating our guidelines.

Elisa Camahort Page

DownWiththeTrolls said...

Thank you, Elisa. There are very few organizations that regulate Internet use. It's a shame we can't get BlogHer ads on every Web site, so they would all have to adhere to your terms.

ElisaC said...

What a kind comment @downwiththetrolls! Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

The Alexa info on the site says it's been in existence since 2000??

Brendan and Brenna's Mom said...

I am SO glad that BlogHer won't be paying her anything.

David said...

people, people, people... What's the big deal here? So a lady wrote a fictional blog, and now she's apologized for it. Fictional blogs are all over the internet, and no, not all of them admit to being sensationalized. Leave the lady alone. While what she did wasn't necessarily right, it's certainly not reason to burn her at the stake. She wrote a blog that was obviously well written and engaging, and she found an audience. That's what any writer is trying to accomplish, and she did it. FYI to women who also believe that the guy on the cover of those romance novels both ripplins muscles and a love of little kittens is also a figment of someone's imagination.

Derwin Mark said...

To "Down with the trolls"...

Your comments about Beccahs father were right on the money. Though, I would think ANY father would attempt to "protect" his daughter. But Dean Beushausen (my brother--Beccah's father), is a very "proud" (some would say conceited!) man. It's not surprising to me, or anyone else in the family, that he is acting in such a manner.

By the way, Beccah contacted me today, and tole me to STOP posting about her. She stated that I was "spreading falsehoods" about her. She also went on to again claim how much of a victim she is and how much she is hurting.

Well, I was actually offended by what she said to me. In no way whatsoever have I ever "spread falsehoods" about her. I simply stated what I know, and what her father (Dean) has told me in the past.

If Beccah were a 15 year old little girl, I would be more willing to let this all pass, and I'm sure a lot of other people MAY have a little bit of sympathy for a confused little girl. But Beccah is NOT a 15 year old little girl. She is a 26 year old adult woman who should know better. She also claims to be a "Christian" that loves the Lord. Well, this being the case, her actions become even more reprehensible and inexcusable.

Instead of trying to play a hurt "victim", Beccah should have simply come out with the truth, took her bumps and bruises, and then vanished from the internet altogether. That would have been best FOR HER. But, as we all know, she should have never launched the scam to begin with.

I quoted Beccah the scripture today: "Those that sow to the wind, will reap the whirlwind". She sowed a great deal of pain in many peoples lives, and now she is simply reaping what she has sown....tenfold. It's unfortunate, but she is simply going to have to buckle-up and move forward with her life.

I tried to explain to her that the "pain" that SHE is "suffering" at this time is really IRRELEVANT, but it seems she is simply not able to comprehend that fact.

At any rate, I hope Dean and Rose obtain psychological help for her.

Derwin Beushausen

Anonymous said... for the REAL scoop on Beccah!


Anonymous said... for the REAL scoop on Beccah!

- Paladin

Derwin Beushausen said...


I have just been THREATENED by the brother of Beccah Beushausen, and a POLICE REPORT has been filed.

I am Beccahs uncle, Derwin Beushausen, and I just received this threatening email from Jonathan Beushausen (Beccahs brother)...

"hey im not sending u this 2 threaten u in anyway, i jst want u 2 know tho if u speak ill-will about my sister again or my dad over internet or anywhere else i am going to personally deal with you myself .idk if u know too much about me uncle derwin but ive never really cared about the actions i have taken through my life & never worry about consequences that is me and thats how ive always been..."

That is the entire email, and it is definitely a threat. I called the Elwood Police Deptartment (where I live), and reported this threat to them. I just finished speaking with the officer, and he said the police report will be logged in immediately, and that I can obtain a copy of it on Monday morning. When I obtain a copy, I will post it to the internet for public consumption.

The police report number is 09-06-1564 and the officer who filed it is Officer Paul Sedlacek of the Elwood Police Dept.

I do NOT succumb to threats.

Derwin Beushausen

Anonymous said...

"The Alexa info on the site says it's been in existence since 2000??" was registered on July 31, 2000. ALexa is going by the registration of

Anonymous said...

I'm absolutely amazed that I'm reading this. I dated this girl from Thanksgiving of '08 till March of this year. I can not believe that she hid this from me. I didn't know for sure, but I had an idea that something was going on that she wasn't telling me.
Beccah...I believed in you, and what you were fighting for. Bragged about you to my family and friends, about how an "upstanding young woman" you were. I held you in such high regard.
I'm not going to pass anymore judgement on her. Just from the Christian standpoint, I've done things that I regret. However, Beccah I hope and pray that somthing positive may come of this.

Katie said...

I can't believe she would even do something like this. I was definitely following her and wishing her the best of luck and that everything would go well. I don't even know what to say! I'm not even pregnant, I'm not even married, I'm only 19 & I guess you can say I was looking up to her because of her "fake" courageous actions... & what she said in her blog made it sound so realistic. Instead, its all lies.

Why would she do such a thing.

Other then that, good things come to good people. Lets hope something works out at the end of all this.