Monday, December 1, 2008

Sextuplet Troll

Brianna Lavey and her husband Jesse have twin daughters, and oh my! They're expecting sextuplets any day now as well.

Only, not.

The troll behind Brianna Lavey has set up a complex world of lies and multiple personalities. And in a disgusting move, she stole ultrasound pictures of the Morrison sextuplets, also known as the Morrison 6 of Minnesota. Sadly, five of the Morrison sextuplets did not survive, but that didn't stop this troll from naming each of the ultrasound pictures with her own names.

This troll also stole pictures of beautiful twin girls (in header and on various other parts of the page), Emma and Oni, and claimed they were her twin daughters, Hannah and Bianca.

In a fascinating twist, this troll not only made up her main personality, but also a husband, Jesse, and friends and family members who also have blogs and who commented and "followed" her blog. These personalities all started their blogs on September 11, and posted last on September 12, and include families with a set of twins and quadruplets, who are related to the very fertile Laveys.

"Brianna" is active on Yahoo! Answers with a whopping 72 questions and 243 answers since joining in June.
Brianna Lavey on Yahoo

One alter personality, Brittany LaRosa, joined a month later, and focused her questions on the "Lavey Sextuplets" and naming her singleton baby, which, wouldn't you know it, had four of the options of names as the sextuplets. She also inquired about other sextuplets younger than the Gosselin sextuplets.

This troll managed to contradict herself in her own blog by posting she was expecting seven babies, septuplets, but then two hours later, the number changed to six.

Unlike some trolls, and much like others, this troll appears to have a completely made-up personality. This makes her harder to track down. If you have any personal tidbits that might help, please share them, and hopefully we can out this person for their trolling.

You can find this troll at the following places:
Brianna Lavey on Yahoo
A Mommy's World
Brittany LaRosa on Yahoo

Pictures of several children have been stolen in this process, and while we have identified a few, please help us identify some of the others.

*ETA one more picture that doesn't look like the above children:

Thank you to BG for bringing this to our attention.


Meg said...

How odd. Gina was creating her own little web of lies for pity and attention, but this invidivual...?

What could they possibly gain from this?

Laura said...


Maybe she is having one and is trying to get free diapers, formula, etc?

Anonymous said...

I run the Facts About Multiples site and I've added a link to this blog on my Fakers page - it's a big problem in the multiple birth community - this is a great blog!

Mommy of Multiples said...

For the record: The first picture of the Quads plus one are MY CHILDREN. These are the Dixon Quads. Thanks for spreading the word. Liz Dixon

Tiffany Jashinsky said...

Thank you SO much for bringing this "person" to everyone's attention.
I'm the photographer/babysitter of the twin girls she claims our her daughters. I just recently received a comment from someone on Flickr telling me about her, and was shocked and appalled.
I managed to get Blogger to delete one of her accounts, and I plan to try to get every site she has shut down.
I love having a Flickr, and I'd hate to make my photostream private, but I'm afraid I may have to if this keeps up.
Once again, thank you so much for bringing this to people's attention.

DownWiththeTrolls said...

Your photos of the girls are great. We're sorry your work, and the girls, were violated in this manner.

Anonymous said...

This is really sad and ridiculous.
This kind of thing does make bloggers want to make thier blog and pics private. I am not a mother of multiples but I love to read about the crazy antics of multiples and thier moms and dads. I would hate to see my favs go private!
Bring down the trolls!

Hayley Duquette said...

I am Hayley, who she goes as far to call me by name. I know the twins Emma and Oni and am absolutely disgusted that someone would use their pictures. Those girls are precious, and should never have somebody virtually steal their identities. I am speechless that anyone could stoop that low.

Anonymous said...

People like this make me sick. I am a REAL mother of quaduplets and have had our family's identity and pictures stolen more than once. One time they even won a photos contest with my kids picture in the UK!! Recently, my blog posts were taken and posted on this by this woman on cafemom to be her own. My blog readers caught her, confronted her and notified me. Of course, cafemom wouldnt do anything about it.
I dont understand, what do people gain?> They just want VIRTUAL attention?

Anonymous said...

Wow. Very strange. She must have been either looking for donations or pity or something. The whole thing is just really weird. I can't seem to figure out any reason behind all of this.