Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Brianna Lavey keeps it going....

She's now Jessica Morin a SAHM with twins and triplets, all under one. And Samantha Anderson, her 15 year old sister.

There are many more posts from this person on Yahoo, and one can only wonder who would have the time to keep up all these (and many more we don't know about yet, surely) personas.

Multiple personality #7 (or so) on Yahoo

More than anything, if you're the parents of multiples or post your child's pictures on Flickr, please take a look and make sure your child's photos aren't being used on these sites.

We have emailed Yahoo and have received an initial canned response. We'll keep working until they can get this troll blocked from their site. Who knows, with as busy as she's been, it could take down a good percentage of their user base!

Thanks again to BG for the new persona heads up.


Mommy of Multiples said...

This is insane! If you read (her) posts, none of them make sense anyway. Anyone who has multiples should know that her story is lacking by many accounts.

DownWiththeTrolls said...

No kidding. The writing and behavior screams teenager. We found two more of her Yahoo personalities since posting this. No blogs or pictures with them, though.

Hopefully Yahoo and Blogger will take the posting of others' children seriously and block her.

The Mama Monkey said...

I have a MSN and taught a High-Risk Pregnancy component at a University's School of Nursing. Additionally, I worked High Risk Labor & Delivery for 15 years. She is SO full of crap! Her medical accounts are waaaaayyyy off base, not to mention her claim of being a "nurse/ultrasound tech/midwife"...please. I hope she is not trying to make money off this little blog adventure.

Good for you for trying to stop her.

Mommy of Multiples said...

No kidding Mama Monkey. She is way off base. There is no way these things could be true. And now she's pretending she lost a baby. That is just said that she would play with peoples emotions like that.

Gibson Twins said...

The blogs are coming down one by one. I received an email from one of the personas related to the troll. Forwarded it to DWT.

Seems like a teenage girl with no positive outlet for her creativity and likely does not realize the impact of her actions (or in her case, words). And by no means does that excuse this person's actions. Just a heads up that I noticed the sites coming down.

DownWiththeTrolls said...

Yahoo takes their site a little too seriously. This is the response we received to the email we sent regarding all of the personas attached to this one troll:

In order to facilitate our review of the situation, we would appreciate
if you would forward to us a signed statement indicating that the Yahoo!
360 account in question does not belong to you and was not created or
modified by you. With your signed statement, please also include:

1. A legible copy of your photo ID
2. Specific 360 Nickname you are referring to for this particular
3. The Yahoo! ID and/or email address of the person who is impersonating
you (if available)
4. The URL where the abuse is occurring on the Yahoo! 360 page (e.g.
group of numbers and letters).

You may fax the information to us at:


If you choose to fax, please make sure to adjust your copy machine to
the lightest setting so that your photo ID will be legible. Please
include a contact email address on your cover sheet, in case we need to
get in touch with you. Please send it to the attention of "360 Abuse".

You may also, if you choose, send your report to us by postal mail at:

Yahoo! Inc.
Customer Care
Attn: Yahoo! Groups Abuse Team
5240 NE Elam Young Parkway
Hillsboro, OR 97124

Mommy of Multiples said...

I see that many of the sites have been shut down. I am still waiting for her to take down the others. I have sent emails to her different accounts and to the blogs with my cease and desist letter. Although, my friends are all telling me I need to call the police and report her. Has anyone done this?

Gibson Twins said...

Surprisingly (well okay not really...) the email addys have now been taken down. Since she has to have an email attached to her comments in her various blogs, I just left the messages there as she will get them. Man, she really needs a hobby.

kat said...

She targeted me because I have 7 month old twin boys. I did nto have much time to talk with her but she was posting on my boards. Thanks for letting me know I banned her right away.

Kristen "Kat"

Hilary said...

I read your blog earlier because another blog that I read linked here. I was on Yahoo! Answers just now and saw this question:;_ylt=AkFEUSpPb8xa25J53eIvIx7sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20081205173856AA93oyA
It was just posted about 30 minutes ago. I looked at her profile and she just joined today. It's possibly that it's perfectly legit, but it seems kind of suspicious so I thought I would let you know.

Anonymous said...;_ylt=AkAR_ROfZNNTjBIRbZv1l7N87hR.;_ylv=3?show=7Rc9Vkmxaa

I am pretty sure this is the same person. Just another one of her many incarnations. She has stolen my photos and my children's names for her yahoo profile. She mentions meeting Brianna Lavey in person...Brianna Lavey then used my children's names (Gemma, Clover and Kieran) in her posts.

I am thinking it is a teenager.

Jess said...

This has nothing to do with this particular troll... but I found your site today... and I hope that it keeps busting up those trolls!

Anonymous said...

Any new updates on this troll?

Anonymous said...

Can you please check out this blog?

Genevieve said...

My blog spit happens is not fake, my name is Genevieve, I live in Ohio, I have a website on Artmajeur, and I just wanna let you know MY STORY IS REAL! And I'm fighting a helluva battle with lung disease.

Someone just alerted me that someone commented here about my blog.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I have talked to her through IM many of times, trying to figure out her lies. Its sad that she lasted as long as she did. She even was using my sons name as one of her babies names. I went along with it to try to figure out her lies. I caught her in alot.

Anonymous said...

I think that if parents are going to put their children's pictures on the Internet, they need to consider that their pictures are going to be taken and reused, etc. I'm sure none of the pictures they used were copyrighted. The person that said you should call the cops: that's taking it too far.

It is wrong to impersonate these people, but let them know what they are doing and if they take down all the websites and stop what they are doing, that's enough. You don't need to call the cops on them! That's ridiculous.

Gibson Twins said...

Hey Anon (last one):
You can copyright anything you want, throw a stupid watermark on it, type in your blog address, blah blah blah. People can remove those from photos with a program that costs a mere $70 (Adobe PSE)
It's that simple.
I agree that by posting photos of children, it is taking a risk that they will be used without permission. HOWEVER, that does not make it right.

Also, "calling the cops" is not the appropriate action in this situation. Unless it has violated a federal law, it is not a punishable offense. Cyber Crimes Unit has better ways to utilize their resources. For it to become a federal offense, the site manager would have to be intending on physically harming the children, listing actual names (first, middle, last) actual addresses (which would therefore put such child(ren) at risk), social security numbers, etc. Or ask for money for a fake disease/situation. That'll buy you a seat in jail, but otherwise, it is just morally wrong.

The sites have not been taken down, however it is very clear that the person behind one of the personas has made multiple comments to the DWT site. Hope that clears it up for you.

Anonymous said...

Actually, all of my images are (registered) copyright which protects them under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The penalty for taking and using my images without my permission is $150,000 per violation. Taking images off the web and using them as your own is a crime that is punishable by law. I am a professional photographer and have every right to post my images of my children on the web. No one has the right to take them and use them as their own. The argument that people should just not post things drives me crazy...blaming the victim. These creepy trolls just need to keep their internet hands to themselves.

I do take in consideration that people will do the wrong thing and use my images. I am not going to hide my work, I am going to protect myself and my work with the laws available to me. I have taken action against people using my images in the past and won. I plan to pursue each violation. I am not playing around.

Gibson Twins said...

For the rest of you who would like to know, you have no reasonable expectation of privacy on the internet. What you post on a public forum (messageboard, blog, website, etc) is done so at your own risk. Once again, just because they can remove a copyright image from you and claim it as their own, does NOT make it right. (DUH).

BUT... you'll never see $150k (or even $10) for any violation that you're likely to come across.

If you don't want it stolen, don't post it. Stepping off my soapbox now.