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"It is obvious Gina has no idea how many people she has affected, nor to the extent. She seems mainly concerned that she will no longer be able to have that dream relationship with Paul now that she has been found out."

"I know last night a friend of mine was speaking to her and described it as "odd". It seems that she has no remorse and just makes excuses for her actions. ("I have Asperger's", "I did it so Paul would love me"... etc.)"

S: why when you knew the truth was coming out
S: why didn't you come clean?
JedisDreamAPHA: i didnt want it to end with paul, i have never loved anyone the way i love him
S: Gina do you plan to ever come and tell all of us your sorry?
JedisDreamAPHA: yes, just not yet
JedisDreamAPHA: i'm just grieving right now
S: grieving for what?
JedisDreamAPHA: i love paul, i know i have lost him, and these people are out to get him and it's all my fault, so yeah, i'm grieving
JedisDreamAPHA: i spent over 6,000, yes six thousand, minutes on the phone with him every month

Just some of the things sent to us by friends of Gina. Other readers have found her on Pet Loss boards, Tuberculosis communities, Asperger's communities, other CF groups, and so on.

Gina has made her way around.

As we stated, we have contacted the authorities. We have given the evidence we have, and looked into Munchausen by Internet and Asperger's. We have disgusted both people who knew "Pepe", and didn't know her, in what we have found. And many people who know Gina in person have confronted her.

But there is no remorse.

This was from Gina herself, about the comments in "Shape-Shifting," while the picture of the young woman who died from CF was still posted:

"The Wii money has been paypal'd back to Paul so he can repay the donators. Also, I did research Marc Feldman online, we spoke via email briefly, I ordered a book of his online and he sent me a list of psychiatrists near me, a couple of which I have contacted."

Not a word of remorse, even for the young woman, or her family and friends.

We have done what we set out to do - we have exposed Pepe as a fake, and set a community free of her hold. We have exposed Gina as a troll in many locations, and Paul is now responsible financially for "Friends of Pepe."

There are still many things we don't know, the one weighing on our minds the most being how a person can act the way Gina has and not feel any remorse.

We're certain people will continue to find many other trollish activities Gina has been involved in, and by all means, please keep posting them, but other than filling you in on what authorities tell us, we can't do anything else for Gina.

She is lacking a component that makes her truly human.

If any other details come out regarding anything else about "Friends of Pepe," we'll be happy to share them. But unless we come across something about Gina in regards to her using another person's likeness, or other monetary scams, we think this post, and the below, should suffice in exposing the kind of person she is.


* said...

this is ridiculous.
it is pretty obvious to me that down with trolls, gina, pepe, and paul are one and the same. psychology, grammar and writing style all point to it no matter how hard he/she tries to make it not so.

be careful everybody do not be fooled again! this blog is just created from that said persons boredom and mischievousness, in my opinion.

i never got too sucked into the friends of pepe blog although i had seen it a couple of times. the aftermath is fascinating though because some of the same people are being duped twice!!
(beside from the people who are now overly suspicious)

btw, down with trolls you are very prideful to your own detriment to say that the only similarities between you is that that you are well written. you are not as smart as you think you are.

the creator of this blog (the same deceitful person all along) created this to trick everyone into thinking authorities have been contacted. i doubt anyone has truly contacted the FBI. i will not because i did not pay any money to any person. someone who did should please do something even if you feel like a fool. you have been swindled, and that is not alright. do not count on someone else to do it for you especially not the d.w.t. blog.

also it is funny how the d.w.t. troll always responds... either by laughing it off or by being on the defense. this attention seeker is lapping it up and loving every second.

Marlene said...

I have contacted all of the major news magazines, 20/20, Dateline, Nancy Grace, etc... I believe one of these news programs will bring her to justice.

Danny said...

i have to agree with Said.. , this is all to convenient to fall into place so neatly and the fact that her "friends" would rat her out like this is kinda fishy. No matter i have contacted NBC news Corp. with this story . hopefully they will pick it up and expose what ever they can about this con job. If they do i hope this person spends some behind bars for theft .

Shari said...

I contacted Greta @ Fox

Meg said...

I still can't believe this shit. What a vile excuse for a human.

Gibson Twins said...

Yay I love Greta :)

I felt that when the mention of having contacted the FBI came up, it was to make everyone comfortable thinking that it has already being taken care of so "don't worry about contacting them yourself". I realize how suspicious that sounds, but after having seen these people cause such disaster online, I have to be more skeptical now.

I can tell you, there has to be a direct connection of money distribution to the impersonator and financial donor. There is oftentimes a minimum amount required for full investigation.

Here are the contacts so you can contact them if you've donated money to Gina/Friends of Pepe:

NW3C (National White Collar Crime Center)
Craig Butterworth
Phone: (804)273-6932 ext. 355

You can also contact:
Cathy Milhoan (FBI)
Phone: (202)324-3691

NW3C will be the organization that handles data recovery from any computer/software if/when retrieved from "Gina". The FBI's part will be to investigate funds from donations and likely investigate the multiple situations in which "Gina" has impersonated a real person (not just someone she dreamt up).

Every story has an "end"....

Quite frankly, I have no clue why I got involved in the first place- I wasn't an everyday reader of FOP, maybe a once a week reader. I haven't lost any sleep over this, yet the suspicion surrounding everything from the initial accusations to this site accused by many as being fraudulent, is quite alarming.

Not sounding arrogant by any means, but I do know much much more to the legalities of the Bureau than many readers and there are some inconsistencies thusfar.

Chimera said...

This is all so sick/brilliant. Pretend like you're sick/dying, ask for money, then pretend to be the people responsible for bringing you down.

By the way, scammers are notorious for asking for just small amounts of money at a time. Whether it be people on the street asking for 75 cents for the bus, or my dad, the con artist, asking for $50 here and there. They do it under so many different names and in so many different communities, that it really adds up in the end.

They collected something like $580 something for the Wii? That doesn't sound like a lot spread over 40 people, so they're banking on people just giving up.

My mom once had $14 taken from her bank account. It was taken out the very morning she was sick at home. It was through a "school supply" store. She tracked them down and found out they had taken debit card numbers from thousands of people. $14 was a lot of money to her, ok, plus the principle of the thing.

Nicole said...

It is not fair unless you have walked in a cf'ers shoes to say "HOW could they be so close if they never met. Or HOW could Paul have been so trusting he MUST have known something". You can say or see this easily in hindsight. When you care about/love someone you are not looking for inconsistencies. CF can be very isolating and speaking online can allow you a wonderful connection. Many great friendships have been formed online between CF'ers. Just like Paul and Gina, and it is a wonderful thing when they are both real people. Unfortunately this is not one of those cases.

I have also seen others doubting Pauls innocence on account of his intelligence. You also have to consider that despite being a very intelligent person Paul was not at his 'peak' when they were forming their friendship. So iconsistencies that he may have picked up on today may have been less obvious when he himself was in such a difficult part of life.

We have found and shown TONS of evidence in regards to Gina but not one solitary shred in regards to Paul. Do you not think you would have uncovered something by now?

I DID donate to FOP, I DID donate to Paul, I however am not looking for a witch hunt. I want Gina stopped, I want to see her come to justice, I want the $ donated to CFF and the wii to a childrens hospital, but some of you are going way way overboard here.

I think the adult and respectful thing to do is either A-find some evidence on Paul or B-discuss his involvement to the extent that it was (the blog creator and collector of funds).

THere are two risks in this scenario, as I see it. Choose to remain by Paul's side and potentially be made a bit more fool of should he be involved. Or choose to persecute the person who has already suffered the most so as to spare yourself. I choose to support Paul and for those of you not choosing that path while I respect it I think you are going to be sorry when all the details come out.

that is my piece, my singular comment in this big mess.

Gibson Twins said...

Gina will be brought to justice, and if Paul was involved, so will he. It's not about the amount of money important to you, persay, its about meeting requirements to have a federal agency brought in to do a full investigation. That range is likely in the "thousands" vs "$580". But let them decide how to handle it. Go look at your IP addresses on your visited sites- you can see that DWT and Paul are in two completely different parts of the COUNTRY. One is EST and one is CST. Why the need to take sides for Paul/Gina? The purpose is to just prove to the former FOP readers that the Pepe did not exist. The emotional aspect is different for everyone. Someone who has just started reading FOP updates will obviously move on a lot faster than someone who has invested several months (or longer) into the story, maybe sent gifts, donations. That is expected.

I know that now having said that I will be accused of being in on this with DWT but that is not the case. And thank you "anonymous" for trolling my blog....

Basically here's the deal: either move on from the whole situation or provide concrete proof to make your case. Sounds pretty simple to me.

DownWiththeTrolls said...

This was just emailed to us. Very interesting article in Topeka about a similar case, but the girl faked Leukemia:

Skully said...

This is so yesterday, but why did Gina's real-life friends contact DWT? I mean, if they came to this site and read the horrific things their friend was being accused of doing/had done, why would they "tell on her" rather than doing everything necessary to get her the help she so desperately needs? Certainly her real-life friends don't think she has spent the last year in the hospital and that she recently underwent a double lung transplant (and if they were in on the scam all along, shame on them). Therefore, I imagine a "confession" to her real-life friends would require her to start from the beginning, and I don't know why she would do that. Why even bother telling them?

To me, it seems like the emails are fake (I'm sure emails were sent, but I doubt they came from Gina's real-life friends). It takes minutes to set up an email address, and it seems like a super easy way for people to make the case that this was all Gina.

If Gina and Paul really talked on the phone for thousands of minutes/month for several months, I have a very, very, very hard time even entertaining the idea that Paul couldn't have known that Gina was not in the ICU.

With all that said, I sincerely hope that Gina gets the help she so obviously needs. And I hope Paul has changed his number, and that he gets the help he likely needs.

DownWiththeTrolls said...

Here is the rest of the list sent to us for those interested:

Faking Pain and Suffering In Internet Support Groups

Sympathy-Seekers Invade Internet Support Groups

All About the Cruel Kaycee Nicole Hoax
As she got sicker, Kaycee's persona was taken over by her mother, who eventually faked Kaycee's cancer and death.

They Think They Feel Your Pain

Munchausen by Internet Breeds a Generation of Fakers

A "Story" of a Woman With Cystic Fibrosis

*Saddened* said...

I have written in to snopes and maybe they will give us all peace in the entire story. I've asked them to please verify officially "who" is behind the blog -- not to release their identities, but to either clear them of the speculation that they are part of another 'dupe' or that they are indeed a concerned set of people that wish like us to bring justice to those who betrayed our hearts and in some cases took money from a better cause.

I urge the DWT team to PLEASE work with snopes.

In fact, I further urge the readers here to file the SAME concern so that they are swamped with emails and will take this seriously.

Karen said...

sorry to be dumb, but what is "snopes?"

Anonymous said...

Go to They figure out whether or not internet stories and e-mails are true.

*Saddened* said...

Oh, please don't feel dumb but is one of the most renowned internet sites for stopping the spoofs.

They research the rumors spread through emails and websites and bring the TRUTH to the surface to prevent further rumors from being spread.

Here is the Snopes on the Kaycee Nicole story:

and tiny URL in case it gets cut off:

Karen said...


i didn't know what tiny url was, or how to find cached pages either, before all this!! getting quite an education--in LOTS of things!


Karen said...

DWT--amazed at those links to similar stories. What a strange bunch of people!

Anonymous said...

lol! I didn't know what cached pages were either...and I'm about to find out what tiny url is/are too!

Anonymous said...

Okay, well, if that's not just the coolest thing! (tiny url)

DownWiththeTrolls said...

Saddened, we'll be more than happy to work with Snopes, so long as they can allow us to remain anonymous after the fact.

We volunteered to go through another party earlier today, in fact.

Given the viciousness and attacks made by some commenters and emailers, hopefully everyone can appreciate our desire to protect our spouses and families.

Kim said...

I have kept quiet, I have read through this site thoroughly, I have followed it for long enough.

I haven't analyzed commas or searched the internet for whoever this person, I've read things from this sight.

And I have come to one conclusion and it as follows:

This site first started as a witch hunt for Gina, Paul was always proclaimed innocent, or perhaps he had some involvement but lets just stir the pot more for Gina.

If there is a Gina, she deserves it, I am not saying she doesn't.

I've read the comments from people who claim things, but when you click on the name leads to a empty profile. At times I don't blame them, cause there are crazy people out there, but then I wonder if perhaps Down With the Trolls is just making up comments to further solidify there claim.

You tell us you contacted people but don't give us more info on who. Commenters have to give us the info. You post emails from "Gina" and "Paul" but hell if I was Gina and running this site I could also email myself and post it. It makes us wonder.

You try to prove Paul and Gina are two different people by saying they have two different IP addresses, okay, I understand that, but where's the proof?

You remain annoymous, which I also understand. But no one here wanted to hurt you or track you down in the beginning, so what is the harm of revealing yourself.

And another thing, you reveal information as a "To be Continued..." saga, which is in hopes to get more views. If you really wanted the truth you'd reveal everything you have. This isn't a soap opera on ABC network.

That is why I am hear saying I don't care anymore. Whoever you are is not who you claim to be, if you wanted justice you would wait and see, this whole story reeks of things that aren't what they seem and you are involved.

*Saddened* said...

I totally understand wanting your privacy. As crooked as this whole scenario has all played thus far, I wouldn't want anyone to really put themselves or the family in harm's way.

I trust that snopes will be able to tell the story without revealing information that would possibly cause harm to someone else. They want the truth to be told as much as anyone else and this type of story fits the profile they desire to uncover.

I want anyone innocently being accused to be cleared as much as I want the guilty party exposed.

DownWiththeTrolls said...

The list above was sent through a CF list where "Blake" has been a participant for TEN YEARS. Gina started there as "Sara" (we have also seen her as "Anna" other places), and switched over to "Blake."

And in support of the CFer who commented that you needed to walk in their shoes to understand how one could be taken in by "Pepe", we would like to point out that this community was put on for TEN years.

Again, we hear that in hindsight they saw "red flags", but they chose to believe their friend, whom they had known for so long.

Anonymous said...

It's time for me to weigh in, but Nicole pretty much said everything perfectly. I donated to FOP. I donated to Paul. And I am happy to have done both. Paul offered to give my FOP money back and I told him I wasn't interested. I only asked that Gina donate the Wii to a children's hospital.

Listen, I consider myself a very intelligent person but apparently I am also gullible. If I had to choose between losing $25 to a scam or spending my whole life cynically analyzing everything everyone tells me, then I guess I'll pay the idiot fine and move happily on with my life. I'm glad that someone found out the lie and exposed Gina, but I hate the malicious way in which it was done.

I am also sad that the entire CF community has now become less trusting of strangers. I really feel sorry for anyone who tries to join our community now because they are not trusted. Gina and to a certain degree you troll busters have ruined it. Hopefully that won't last long.

I am relieved that there is no pepe out there going through what I believed her to be going through. I am glad that pepe's suffering is over. I'm an idiot. Fine. One thing I have learned in the 8 years that I have been diagnosed with CF is how little I actually know about it. I can learn more about CF every day and still have a lot to learn. Of course now that the truth has come out we all can say, "I knew things weren't right," but at the time all I knew was that I was worried about a friend.

I still consider Paul a good friend and believe him to be the biggest victim of all. I wish that those of you on a witch hunt would please try to imagine what he must be going through and just back off.

As for DWT, I admire the way that he/she has toned down the witch hunt once Gina F. was exposed. Those of you that think DWT is in on the conspiracy... well, you amaze me. Maybe you'll have the last laugh. Maybe I'm just being gullible again. I guess time will tell.

I considered pepe a friend. I considered blake a friend. I am sad to have lost them. I am also sad that the Gina F. felt that she needed to deceive everyone in order to feel loved. It's a really pathetic situation. But honestly I think I am saddest for those of you that feel the need to punish someone for YOUR suffering. You were spectators to a lie and are upset that you were duped. I'm sorry about that. Now can you admit that you were fooled like everyone else and please move on with your lives?

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone is denying we were fooled. We were all fooled...or it would've come out long ago. I just think a lot of us want to see Gina (or whoever is involved) take responsibility for her actions. I truly don't know if she will willingly, but there should be some sort of justice for this...even if it somehow leads to the prevention of future "Pepe's".

mary lou said...

I only read Pepe's blog for a couple of months, and aside from that I never had any dealings with Paul, Gina or "Blake." I kept wanting someone to show some proof that Paul was not also a fake, so I finally found it myself. If Paul did in fact have a transplant (and he did), then I do not believe he would make all this stuff up. Why wouldn't he just exaggerate his own circumstances if he wanted more attention? There are pictures online of him with oxygen and scars, but photos can be altered. Just because someone here stated that they met him in person didn't mean anything to me because anyone can create an account and say whatever they please.
So, I finally know he's for real. In his guestbook at there's an entry from Larry M., the husband of Maryann, who he says was in the hospital the same time Paul had the transplant. If you click on the house to the right next to his entry, it shows his e-mail address, which ends in If you go to it's for this man's upholstery shop in Pennsylvania. Also, there are entries from people at the college where he taught.

Transplant patients go through psychological testing, so I think if he was messed up enough to do all this on purpose, his doctors would have picked up on it and not gone forward with the transplant. We were all fooled, so why shouldn't we believe Paul was fooled? He must be devastated.

*Saddened* said...

Paul said that the monies for the Wii are in the process of being refunded. I do believe since he knows he is being watched carefully that this is truthful and shows a lot of integrity. I ask that those that receive their refunds post to let us know that he did carry through on his word. I highly commend him for doing this.

Here is a copy of his post from the CF2Chat Forums:

To all those who donated for Pepe's Wii: Pepe send money back to the original PayPal account, enough I think to cover all the expense her donors incurred. The check has not cleared yet. Once it does, the funds will be dispersed back to the original owners, who can then donate to CFRI or to whatever charities they mentioned on their emails to me. They was just no hint of consensus about what should be done, so I've decided this way is best and most immune from criticism from outsiders.

To answer the running question: I do not know what happened to the original Wii. Different reports of its whereabouts exist, but I can't vouch for any of them.

ygtbkm said...

Oh pleeeze.

"Pepe/Blake/Gina" is not mentally ill.

She is a LIAR, plain and simple.

She's only sorry because she got caught!

Deception in contrast to delusion

LYING or deception is a deliberate attempt to convince another of the truth of a proposition the liar believes to be false.

Deception has traditionally been defined as a conscious event or process. The basic components of a legally-relevant deception are INTENT, presence of a target and a conscious AWARENESS of a reality incongruous with the one the liar is attempting to impart to the target.

In the case of delusions, the internal belief is incongruous with external reality; however, the intent and awareness are absent.

Delusion is an unintentional product of impaired reality testing that occurs in a range of psychiatric conditions and psychological states, some of which could be clinically subtle.

Deception and delusion are influenced by the degree of congruence between subjective and objective reality and are probably mutually exclusive.

(The Journal of Psychiatry & Law 34/Fall 2006 35 1
True lies: delusions and lie-detection technology)

Pathological lying is falsification entirely disproportionate to any discernible end in view, may be extensive and very complicated, and may manifest over a period of years or even a LIFETIME.

The pathological liar gets himself/herself in a tight spot by lying and then tells more lies to extricate himself/herself. After a while, the only way out may be to run away to a different location.

While there is no doubt that pathological lying as a symptom may occur in Factitious Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder, it is less clear whether it can stand on its own and occur independent of a known psychiatric disorder.

Going back into history, there is no evidence that Baron Von Munchausen had a psychiatric disorder; and, although Munchausen's syndrome was named after him, as far as we are aware, it was based solely on his pathological lies.

(J Am Acad Psychiatry Law 33:3:342-349 (2005)
Pathological Lying Revisited)

Celine said...

I find it a bit strange that on the page posted by "Clamshellmuni" back in 2007 requesting donations toward a WII, this user comments as below...Could it be an in-joke about Pepe/Gina's masquerading as an "Aspie?"

Posted by Clamshellmuni at 11:31 PM
Kim said...
Hi Gina,

Thinking of you and wishing you a good Christmas and new lungs for the New Year!!! xo,

December 21, 2007 6:51 PM
Clamshellmuni said...
Aspies love video games!

December 21, 2007 7:01 PM

Celine said...

Additionally, all you have to do to read the entire FOP archive is Google "posted by clamshellmuni" and go to "archive."

Celine said... "FOP" ALSO claims to have Asperger's? Interesting.

Eliza said...
Okay FOP, I know it's hard and you can't always get the news as it breaks, but...I'm worried sick not to have seen an update yet :( I've been following since the Wii and left a guestbook comment once...I'm amazed Gina by your grace and fortitude, and grateful to FOP for keeping us apprised of how you're doing.

FOP, I also read your (defunct?) blog and even linked to it from mine; another English instructor with Asperger's and a genetic mutation that eats at the health here (not CF though--what I have isn't as fatal, but alas there is nothing to slow it and no transplant of any sort available, either). Taking a page from your blog, during my recent overnight sleep study and multiple latency polysomnolograph, in between the naps, I walked. It's the only exercise I am permitted by my physicians aside from two-pound freeweights and gentle stretching in small doses, and only for five minutes at a time.

Chimera said...

Couldn't find the archive. It just blocked me from entering the site.

Celine said...

Not the first hit, but the ones with a longer address than simply

Then click on "cached"

ygtbkm said...

If any other details come out regarding anything else about "Friends of Pepe," we'll be happy to share them. But unless we come across something about Gina in regards to her using another person's likeness, or other monetary scams, we think this post, and the below, should suffice in EXPLOITING the kind of person she is.
posted by DownWiththeTrolls at 2:22 PM on Aug 18, 2008

Um... DWT... Did you mean "EXPOSING the kind of person she is?" Freudian slip? lol.

Celine said...

I just find it a bit too poetic for "Clamshellmuni" to talk about the (figurative) hole in his heart...and then for "Pepe" to turn up with a hole in hers during transplant surgery...

February 13, 2008 5:53 PM
Clamshellmuni said...
Happy, peaceful Valentine's Day, Peanut. You are the part of my heart where the hole once was.

Saturday, July 5, 2008
Day Three

...Now keep in mind as you read on that complications are practically inevitable. Nearly every transplant patient experiences them. You never know which ones are in store for you, but you hope that however many you encounter, they are the manageable kind. In Pepe's case, this is so. Today she suffered a pneumothorax, which is not uncommon, especially with resected lungs. The doctors placed a fifth chest tube at its site, using ultrasound, and expect the pneumo to resolve quickly. They expect the same with her arrhythmias. The human heart does not like to be physically manipulated, but handling and jostling inevitably occur during transplant surgery -- not to mention during procedures to repair holes. Last night, her heart rate became too high, so her doctors administered a drug to correct her tachycardia, presumably a beta blocker like Lopressor. This morning, her HR is back to baseline and steady...

ygtbkm said...

'Additionally, all you have to do to read the entire FOP archive is Google "posted by clamshellmuni" and go to "archive."'
August 18, 2008 11:44 PM

Paul/clamshellmuni must be kicking himself now...

He should have blocked Google from archiving FOP (via robots meta tag in template).

Good thing his own blog, Transplantland (, was not archived.

Gibson Twins said...

"if they came to this site and read the horrific things their friend was being accused of doing/had done, why would they "tell on her" rather than doing everything necessary to get her the help she so desperately needs"

replying to above statement-
they may be inclined to rat her out if nothing more than to distance themselves from her and everything going on. that way, if/when this does have charges brought forth that they can say that they did not have anything to do with her. if i knew without a doubt that my friend was doing the exact same thing, i would absolutely be selfish and clear my own name before anything else. you have to.

Erica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
WannaseeJesus said...

"She is lacking a component that makes her truly human."

All I will say is this, you have no right, (because you are not God) to decide whether she is lacking a component that makes her truly human. This WHOLE blog disgusts me...people are acting like a bunch of middle schoolers who just want more info on bad things that are going on...

This whole blog was created to simply gossip. That much is clear...

Stop the drama. You've found her out, and one way or another, I assure you she will feel remorse...but that is all in God's timing...and I hate to say it, but you guys are not God, and will not "make" her feel the remorse that you hope she feels...

This blog is a true shame...

Gibson Twins said...

Hey Wannaseejesus, Why are you here? Sounds awfully defensive...

Cindy said...

Just out of curiosity, have Gina's parents been contacted about all of this? If I read right, she still lives at home.

If Gina was my daughter and I found this out about her. I would have an awful lot to say about it!

This could have been addressed in prior comments, but I missed it if it was.

Gibson Twins said...

There's someone out in blogland I'm sure that will let them know. Just as someone supposedly contacted the University that Paul used to teach at to see if he was legitimate. Someone mentioned knowing of four different banks in MN that Gina worked at. The temptation will likely be given into to make them aware of the good deeds of their current/former employee. They found a real gem lmao.

Yes, someone did say she lived at home with her parents in MN. I turned her into Yahoo for all the impersonating she was doing on the TB/CF/horse forums there so those emails will likely come down.

Contact AOL and let them know she's impersonating dead people. That will likely get them working on it. I however do not have all day/night to complain as I have 2 almost 2 year olds that are much less dramatic than this Paul/Gina situation.

And, why is everyone's profile blocked?

Chimera said...

I'm sorry, but did you really just ask why our profiles are blocked? For me, it's because I don't want her taking pictures of my children and their names, etc.

Because we are dealing with a sick person who so desperately needs help.

By the way, I don't think she is inhuman. She has issues/faults just like all of us, hers are just way on the other end of the spectrum.

Cindy said...

My profile and the blog about my son is private. I like it that way. You just can't be too careful, IMO.

kgirl said...

You asked why profiles are blocked? SAFETY! A lot of people are afraid of just this kind of thing happening, so they keep their info to themselves and dear friends....not out there for the whole world to see and steal(like Gina did). We live in a sad world and if someone in your family is "out there" and well known....let's say a doctor or is SOOOO very important.