Thursday, August 14, 2008

Down with the Trolls!

After investing tears and love in a complete stranger, I, along with hundreds and hundreds of others, have discovered the person is a fake. A phony. A troll.

And I am pissed.

This may be the anonymous world of the Internet, but this behavior is vicious, cruel and sick. And it will no longer be tolerated. So bloggers and blog lovers of the world unite.

Let's bring down the trolls, expose them in the minute, and help them to understand that the real people behind the trolls need to answer for their behavior.


Deanna said...

So glad this finally broke. I was also sucked into this horror story. I have cf myself and followed closely. I am horrified that somebody could actually do this right before our eyes. So many of us. Is Paul Mooney for real? He went by Q on another site, but I thinked was recently kicked off. This is just really sad. We have lost a couple of people recently that was very hard on the site, and this is devastating to think that people really are in pain and struggling, clinging to life. Then you have these horrible excuses for humans sucking emotion from people tha should be directed elsewhere. Hard to think that somebody truly suffering from this disease could do that. I question Paul, Q, Clamshell or whatever he goes by. And don't even know what tyo say about the "troll"

Anonymous said...

Do you have viable proof of this - something to support your accusations?

Anonymous said...

At this point in time, after hundreds of people have been seemingly jerked around emotionally (and I understand there were also some funds being solicited and collected earlier on, long before I came on the scene), the RIGHT thing to do-- if Gina/Pepe's story WERE true-- would be for FOP/Paul/clamshellmuni to step forward with some proof.

The fact that he locked down both his blog and Pepe's-- and hasn't said a word to anyone since as far as I know-- speaks volumes to me.

Prior to its being locked down, I read quite a bit of Paul's blog as well. He is a gifted writer. Too bad he apparently chose to "use his powers for evil" as the saying goes :(

Alice said...

WTF????? Myself and some other people were sceptical about her blog, from a medical point of view... now I know...

Anonymous said...

There is a MySpace account for Paul Mooney trying to raise money for a lung transplant. It says he worked for Oakton Community College near Chicago until May 2006. There is still a Paul Mooney in their faculty directory on their website.

Have you checked into this? I e-mailed the college to ask if this was legitimate but haven't heard from then yet. I will post if I hear anything.

From his MySpace:

About me:
Paul Mooney was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis in 1974 when he was nine years old. Although this is a genetic disease, pediatricians had missed or disregarded early symptoms, and he had no serious problems as a child. He ran track in high school, and was a recreational runner for many years. Cystic fibrosis never seriously interfered with his life. Paul graduated from Colby College in Waterville, Maine, and received a MFA from the Writer’s Workshop at the University of Iowa. He was awarded a James Mitchner Fellowship and wrote several books, one of which was accepted for publication. Paul taught both remedial and creative writing courses at Oakton Community College in the Chicago area for many years, but had to stop working last May (2006) because of repeated infections that resulted in a partial lung collapse. Since that time, he has been receiving supplemental oxygen, and his activities have been very restricted. So, he has made the decision to have a bi-lateral lung transplant. He still has things to do, he says, and he needs new lungs to do them! He’s been evaluated by three medical facilities and the determination is that he is an excellent candidate for this surgery. After tons of research, Paul has decided that the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center is the best place for him to go. Insurance will pay for most of the surgical cost, fortunately, but moving to Pittsburgh and paying for post-transplant expenses present a problem. His friends in Chicago had a benefit concert for him on June 3, and we are trying to raise funds for him as well For more information on how you can help contact Jaqueline Mooney at

Anonymous said...





Thandi said...

Thank you for your blog.I just wish it didn't have to exist. My husband always did say I was too naive.

Anonymous said...

Paul Mooney died today.