Friday, August 22, 2008

Offline, IRL Troll

Pastor Michael Guglielmucci spun gospel of lies
Duped Christians want their money back

Short story (shocking for this site, we know):

"{Pastor} Michael Guglielmucci, who inspired hundreds of thousands of young Christians with his terminal cancer 'battle', has been exposed as a fraud."

"Earlier this year, Mr Guglielmucci released a hit song, Healer , which was featured on Sydney church Hillsong's latest album.

The song debuted at No. 2 on the ARIA charts.

It since has become an anthem of faith for believers, many of whom are suffering their own illness and were praying for a miracle for Mr Guglielmucci, who has claimed for two years to be terminally ill."

He went so far as to deceive his own wife and family for those two years, convincing them he was dying as well.

He is purportedly getting medical assistance for his mental ailments.

The videos are gone off of YouTube, and his Facebook and MySpace pages are gone too, but you can still find mp3s of "Healer" around the 'net.


Jilly said...

Now THAT is beyond 'Gina' level! My father currently has terminal cancer and I can not imagine anyone lying to their loved ones about dying. Absolutely heartbreaking for all involved.

Gina, get some help before your illness takes you to this level. It's not to late to change.

My3SonsMom said...

Well, it's a miracle anyway, he's cured.

RHEA said...


How is this somehow "worse" than what Gina did?? I think that it's absolutely horrible what happened, but I'm not quite sure how it's "beyond Gina level!"

Jilly said...

Rhea, maybe I am wrong, but I have not heard that Gina lied to her family about her health? I just don't think there is anything as cruel as to tell those that love you more than anything else in the world that you are dying.

I am not belittling Ginas behaviour at all, but I personally do think that telling your loved ones that you are dying when you are not is a step beyond.

Thats my personal opinion.

RHEA said...


Okay....I see where you're coming from right now.

tree said...

I’m shocked at what’s happening on this site.
I’ve been reading along and thought it time to voice my thoughts.

It seems that every time the comments and interest dials down, you post another post to create interest. Firs it was by dripping out “facts” and comments about the Gina saga. Then the whole Paster Michael Guglielmucci thing obvious did not created enough whooha so now you are targeting this Nanny blog.

You have been all about finding fact and not jumping to conclusions the whole time. Not wanting to give out info to quickly and checking facts, and now you go and do this.

You have just lost all (if any) credibility.

Blessings From Above said...

Just curious what happened to the posts about Nanny? Does this mean she was legit?

jenniferlee5 said...

Can we say passive aggressive! You stir up trouble and hide in the shadows and watch it all unfold. You don't have the nerve to admit who you really are. What kind of person sets out to destroy others? Yes wrongs were commited, people were hurt, deeply, but you, you are no better than them.

There comes a point when we must all forgive. Yes Gina/Pepe/Whoever was wrong, yes she had me mortified of my own son's future, but I found it in myself to forgive and move on.

I think it is time you do so as well.

Maybe I just care too much about people, all people, despite their flaws...

Tracy said...

I have been reading this blog from the beginning, I was really hurt and upset by the Pepe/Gina/Whoever the hell she is fiasco. But we have moved on. When all the fanfair died down, DWT brings out this Pastor guy, when that got little response, out comes the bashing of Nanny. After many people pretty much accused this poor woman of being a fraud, and this place going crazy again, the post is taken away.
Fine I think that was for the best really, but what i find very interesting is towards the end of the posts on the Nanny story DWT says he/she is several people and gives a string of 4 initials. Um I don't know, but to me that is very weird. So Gina, enjoying yourself? I seriously think that is exactly who we are dealing with, someone who has many on-line personalities trying to stir shit up, while she sits back and laughs. Good Lord girl, you really need some help! And anyone who feels they need to "explain or defend" themselves to this DWT, again I ask, why must they not reveal themselves? Gimme A Break!

lauren.l103 said...

Simma down now!

IF you read the title of this blog, you would read: DOWN WITH THE TROLLS. NOT, down with gina or down with paul! Under the title of the blog, you would see also: Exposing Internet trolls, holding them accountable for their actions, and standing up for those who believed their stories.

SO, what does that mean? It means THIS blog is not soley about FOP and wasn't started to concentrate just on Gina/Paul! Yes, DWT started bc of the questions brought on by FOP. Thank you for that!

DWT said that DWT got 30 emails regarding Nanny's blog. If you were reading the comments, there were other readers comments that started the questioning into nanny's blog. DWT did not go out looking for a witch hunt! If you don't want to see other possible trolls exposed, then stop visiting this blog. Don't blame DWT for looking into Nanny's blog, look at those that brought the comments to this blog, they are the one's that started it all.

I would like DWT to continue to look into other blogs that might be questionable.

Sararrt1980 said...

AMEN Lauren!

You said exactly what I was thinking!

Some of you folks are hot on the button, and need to take a breath! This blog is about more than just Gina.

And, if you don't like it, don't read it. Freedom to read, freedom to write. If it is Gina, maybe this is therapy for her. Who knows!

Karen said...

Sally said...

so what's up, why is dwtt so quiet?

DownWiththeTrolls said...

Hi Sally,

Not a lot to report. Haven't heard anything new, and there aren't any new trolls brought to our attention, so just status quo.

And watching this Palin thing unfold.

rhymeandreason said...

Now that things have died down a bit and many of us have moved on, how about revealing your true selves....?

kgirl said...

One would think that since the FBI, hospital, Pepsi, bank where she works, her family and the family of the girl whose picture she had used have All been told about Gina's doings that there'd be something new to report. Have all these people just decided they feel sorry for her?

DownWiththeTrolls said...

You would think. It's also possible they're dealing with her directly, or maybe they just think she's small potatoes and have cut their losses?

We saw recently that she tried to return to another forum for some sympathy. Some sympathized, but others cut her off, including the forum admin.

kgirl said...

Maybe you should let us know what forum and what name she was using so everyone can keep an eye open for her?

cancerconcernedher said...

can you check this site out

Joni and Jess said...

Well, it would seem as if somebody has struck again. This time though it was a 16 year old girl pretending she was a mommy of quads. I don't understand people who do these kinds of things. Not only that, but seems as if she stole information about a fellow septuplet mommy's children to make-up her own story. Sad what level people will stoop to for attention.

DownWiththeTrolls said...

Joni and Jess,

How do you know the writer is a troll? And that she's 16?