Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Blind Faith

We have had emails and comments about a well-known blogger this week - one whose skeletons seem to be surfacing. She has people yelling "TROLL!", so we looked at everything we were sent and could verify, and felt we needed to comment on the rumors, especially on the domestic abuse.

Because we don't feel the blogger is a troll and because of the personal nature of the information in this post, we're not comfortable disclosing the name of the blogger here.

The blogger in question has unseemly things in her past that have just surfaced in the last week or so. But why should she be required to share them with her readers? There isn't a written etiquette on how much a person is required to share, and we didn't find any outright lies in her posts.

That said, this blog serves as another example that readers should take what they read online with a grain of salt, sometimes more.

For those who asked if there was truth in the rumors, we have verified that this blogger's house is indeed in foreclosure, and her husband has been arrested and was sentenced for domestic violence, among other things, while married to her. They do have a large tax lien as well. She is not faking her son's condition. These things are verifiable.

We touched on exaggeration with Nancy Bratt and it hit a nerve, so we won't go into our thoughts on if we think she has exaggerated her son's condition or used it to push people to her site for money when he was ill.

Outside of that, she does traffic people to her blog. She encourages them in different ways to click many times to her blog and through her blog. She also states in a recent post that she considers herself a professional blogger. As a professional blogger, having high traffic and clicks is good business practice.

She makes money off her blog, and she admits it. This doesn't make her a troll to us.

But with as "open" as the blogger appears to be, most of the comments we had were concerned more with how she appears to be happy-go-lucky while she's actually suffering privately in different ways. She's not required to share her suffering, but we can understand why an always happy lifestyle when such hardships have been unearthed would rattle people.

Not everything is as it seems on any blog, and readers should keep that in mind, especially before taking any blogger's advice to heart. You wouldn't want to take financial or business advice from a person with tax liens or whose business had failed. The same should apply in other areas as well.

Our biggest concern with the blog in question is the domestic violence piece. The blogger never mentions it and we can't fault her with that. There are understandably some things a person would not want to share with all the Internet.

However, we heartily believe that before a person whose spouse has served time for domestic violence offers marital advice, they should supply full disclosure.

This would seem even more important when the advice is as controversial and, from what we have read, counter-intuitive to DV as submissive wife principles.

NO domestic abuse information or expert supports a wife becoming more submissive after domestic violence, and for a national blogger to praise these methods as saving her marriage after abuse could be detrimental to other women with marital and spousal abuse issues who read the blog.

Equally as concerning is her take that the problems were her fault for not being more submissive. No spouse deserves abuse for any reason. Period.

What does it mean to be a Submissive Wife

Biblical Battered Wife Syndrome: Christian Women and Domestic Violence

What Mistakes do Churches Make About Domestic Abuse?
"Pastors and leaders need to emphasize that submission does not mean acceptance of disrespect and abuse in a marriage relationship."

We have no opinion on the submissive wife way of life outside of how it could affect a woman in a relationship with a history of domestic violence.

But please, before following the advice of any blogger, seemingly happy and doing well or not, please consult a real-life professional who has been trained in that area.

Domestic Abuse Helpline

National Domestic Violence Hotline


Anonymous said...

That particular blogger dropped the words "police involvement" like it happens in every household. Sad that's it being made out to be the norm.

Anonymous said...

One thing that wasn't mentioned that has a lot of people upset is that she also deletes any comments she doesn't agree with or that question her in any way. Not nasty questions either, but any question that may lead others to think twice about what she is saying.
I don't think she's a troll, but I do think she's irritated a lot of people, and they are going to drag out any and all skeletons.
Thanks also for your take on domestic violence and the submissive wife. I haven't been a longtime follower of this blogger so I didn't realize these facts about her.
My main issue is that she portrays her husband as a wonderful, perfect man, even with the pseudonym she refers to him as, when that is so obviously false. It's sad really.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU DWT!! This is what some of us have been saying for weeks and we've been told we're haters and Satan's workers. I don't see why it's wrong or evil to question things that don't add up.

Anonymous said...

There is NO evidence that Mr. McKinney's domestic abuse was against his wife or children.

Creepy Mommy said...

Anon 10;07 Who would the *domestic abuse* be against if not his wife?

Anonymous said...

It should be noted that no one knows for sure who the victim was in the two domestic violence incidents. People are assuming it was the blogger but the victim wasn't named in court documents available online. The terms of probation for the blogger's husband stated he could have no contact with his victim for a year outside counselling and could not violate the restraining order against him. It's unclear how the victim could be his wife (the blogger) when she and her husband were photographed together after his probation was in place and even took a cruise together with their infant son during this time(photos confirmed this took place). The law defines domestic abuse as more than just spousal abuse (blood relatives are included). Unless the parties involved disclose who the victim actually was, it is speculation on our part.

Anonymous said...

Does it really matter whom he abused? An abuser's an abuser.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the spouse in question can clarify that here or on her blog.

Anonymous said...

Yes, truth matters. It is not right to call someone a wife beater if he didn't beat his wife. If the complaint against the blogger is that she is not truthful, it is important for her critics to be faithful to the truth also. At this point, we don't know what the truth is.

Anonymous said...

He could have easily gotten into a fight with his brother, who very soon after the arrest, got shipped off to the Marine boot camp.

DownWiththeTrolls said...

Our source is a family member who confirmed things that documents online did not. We wouldn't jump to conclusions like that, especially not on a matter as serious as domestic violence.

Anonymous said...

Did the family member explain how the McKinney's were able to spend time together (cruise, etc.) when it appears to go against the terms of his probation? Did it involve third party supervision, which I believe was also mentioned in the probation information online? The court must have shown a good deal of leniency to allow them to spend so much time together since as you say, domestic abuse is a serious charge. Was it special treatment that allowed the abuser to enjoy a cruise with his victim? How do you know if this family member you spoke of was telling the truth - do you fact check or do you accept hearsay as fact?

Anonymous said...

Jennifer McKinney mentioned in her "Glass Houses" post that her and her husband were in weekly counseling sessions. This must be directly related to the domestic abuse charge. Why else would they be in counseling?

Anonymous said...

Don't you think if the domestic abuse charge was because Jennifer's husband hit his brother, that Jennifer would have mentioned that to take the spotlight off the victim being her? Instead she said they were now going to counseling. That explains a lot to me.

Anonymous said...

How about it's none of our business? They are obviously getting help for whatever the situation was.

Anonymous said...

Violence isn't "charming" no matter what.

Anonymous said...

Lots of people seek marital counseling - it doesn't have to involve the courts or abuse charges. I still want to know why the McK's were cruising together in January when the court-ordered probation said no contact with the victim until Nov.3 2009 other than counseling. That order could have been amended, but just 2 months after conviction? Is that how justice works for the privileged in Hennepin County? Was there a counselor who conducted a really long counseling session aboard ship? You're right, it's none of my business, but so far this story isn't adding up and I'm intrigued. I still want to know what family member supplied the informationa and how would one confirm the information given unless it is public record?

Anonymous said...

anon @ 11:10 - Jen mentioned police involvement, a seperation, and counseling. What more info do you need? Yes, we are speculating what happened, but it boils down to Israel was arrested for domestic abuse (and she was pregnant at the time). Nice.

Anonymous said...

What makes it our business is that she has created a fantasy world and claimed it's true. When you call someone Prince Charming and say what a wonderful man and husband he is, and then come to find out he's been arrested twice for domestic violence? Helloooooo....... that's awfully relevant to how people read her blog, especially those who take her advice.

Leah said...

Anon 10:26, just wanted to let you know that people don't get "shipped off" to Marine boot camp. They have to join willingly. It's not like behavioral school for unruly children.

Anonymous said...

What more information do I need? Court records or a police report would be the only sources I would trust. I wouldn't even trust what the McKinney's had to say about it at this point. Facts are important...anything else is rumor or gossip. If McKinney was in fact the victim, it would appear that Israel got special treatment and that concerns me.

mountainmomma18 said...

I really like your take on this here, much better than other sites. I guess the issue I have is, how is any of this my business? I had read the blogger in question, more for her tips on photography which are quite good. I just don't understand what drives someone to go poking around in someone's personal life, yeah public record and all, but I call it suspect. I think that a lot of this stems from some weird jealousy that she has a popular blog. She chooses how she presents herself publically? So what, who doesn't? She wants to keep things private? So? Having a blog does not mean that you "owe" your readers anything except maybe some entertainment. I don't understand this whole we need full disclosure thing. She has a nanny so she can work on her blog? So what, lots of people do that or use daycare so that they can work. Look I am not huge supporter of this blogger or anything, I just think that this is all too much. Too much effort on exposing things that we know nothing about and really have no right to know if that person does not chose to share. Too much hatred for someone the vast majority of people do not actually know. Just my two cents.

Anonymous said...

ANON @ 11:47 - I am unable to paste the direct link here (it won't work if you click on it), so please go here for PUBLIC court records:

Click on this link: Criminal/Traffic/Petty Case Records

Search by: Defendant

Type in: McKinney, Israel

Please do not dispute if this is really him, or not. It is because of posts to another blog in regards to these courts record that Ms. McKinney finally fessed up.

Sorry, but I don't have a police report. Don't think those are public record, but I could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

Probation - Adult:
Type: Supervised probation
Agency: Hennepin County Community Corrections - Adult Field Services
Term of 1 Yr
11/03/2008 - 11/03/2009
Status: Active 11/03/2008
Local Confinement:
Agency: Hennepin County Workhouse - Adult Corrections
Term: 90 Days
Time To Serve: 10 Days
Stay 80 Days For 1 Yr
Serve As:
Sentence To Serve
Comment: 2 Days Credit if time ever revoked
Status: Active 11/03/2008

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:47 - I read those documents days ago. I wasn't questioning whether Isreal was convicted of domestic violence - I know that he was. I was just stating that we don't know who the victim was, because it is not stated in the public court documents. People are guessing who the victim was but without a statement from the parties directly involved or a legal document, we don't know.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I was responding to Anon 12:24 in that last post.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:24,
Thank you so much for the link to the court records. I have been looking for this.

Anonymous said...

I agree that typically something as personal as domestic violence is not something that a blogger owes mentioning to their readers. That is a private matter.

However, if the blogger is a self labeled "professional blogger" and is offering marriage advice, is that advice also considered "professional" and if so what qualifications does the "professional blogger" have to back up said advice?

Furthermore, if the "professional blogger" is an alleged victim of domestic abuse at the hands of her spouse on at least two occasions and at least one occasion while pregnant, does this make the "professional blogger" a battered wife?

All of this then becomes concerning when the advice offered is to become submissive to the husband who is physically abusive. This is a potential warning sign. Another potential warning sign would be the use of inappropriate humor describing the husband's desired choice of shirts as "wife beaters".

To sum up my opinions (and nothing more) is that this "professional blogger" who is dispensing marriage advice including submission to her abusive husband is a serious cry for help. I sincerely hope that the family and friends of this victim will make themselves available to assist her and her children in any way possible.

I also hope that some sort of authority is keeping up with the matter to make sure that this woman and her four young children, including an infant with a very serious heart defect are being protected.

This is not a fictional story. There is no Prince Charming. There is however five people who need support.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the mother in law was living with the family as a result of the domestic violence conviction. She may serve as the official "supervisor"?

Anonymous said...

This woman is ass-backwards....she would rather "tweet" and take pics as her son is on the verge of being intubated...all for her naive, ring through the nose, cult following, never ask any questions (or you'll be banned) followers. She's a slick fuck.

mountainmomma18 said...

I have to say one thing, if you are turning to some lady with a blog for marriage advice then you are probably not the sharpest knife in the drawer, which means what? Do we owe protection to grown people who are just a little dumb? She holds no degrees in counseling or psychology so why would any thinking person take marriage advice from her? It would be like asking a passing stranger for a diagnosis of your rash. Bloggers, professional or not do not "owe" us anything. This is the same ideology that have cameras staking out celebrities. Look if you're brittany Spears expect to get your picture taken at the grocery store, but I don't think that means we should be privy to all of her life, does she "owe" it to use to tell us when she has sex with her husband, or if they have a fight? Or she goes through a crisis of faith? No, we are not entitled to know everything, we are entitled to know what someone wants to tell us, and that's all.

Anonymous said...

I've wondered why her parents don't spend much time with her and the children. Maybe it is because he abused her and they can't forgive him. Just a thought. If so, I can understand that.

Anonymous said...

DWT~Were you contacted by the family member? Were you able to confirm its a family member? You don't shed anymore light on the situation, then some of the other sites have.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a link to the foreclosure/house of sale information?

Anonymous said...

I just thought I would mention that on this specific blog if you click on the "our family" icon and go to Marriage the words, "showing posts with label MY MARRIAGE" are very evident there. I'm pretty sure she never claimed to be giving advise as some may think. She's talking about HER marriage, not yours or mine...HERS. We would all deal with a problem as big as this in our own way. Whether it was PC and herself or PC and someone from his family doesn't really matter. What you do with your family is your issue, what she does with hers is her issue. Give her a break, she's living day to day just like the rest of us.

on TV right now, Toddlers & Tiaras. If you want to look into someones psychological issues or their ability to make logical decisions for their family, these people could use a little therapy. I'm just saying...

Babs said...

What I do not get is why 95% of these comments have been made by the same person, ANONYMOUS... if you have something to say, do not hide yourself. If you feel so strongly that this mother is a "troll", a fake, have the honesty of YOUR convictions to post your comments with your name.

And Mr/Mrs/Ms Anonymous, if there are things in her life she has decided to keep personal, that is her right. Who are you demand she share all her life? And maybe, just maybe the full extent of what may or may not be "true" in the post above is even our business to know... Maybe is has nothing to do with us, THE READER. I admit, I am sucked into the "story" of her life and that of her kids. I do not this for one second think that what she writes is the WHOLE of her life and I do not for one second this she needs to give me that. My husband and I have had our issues, but I do not think that posting them on my blog would have made it any better.

UGH! Get over yourselves and move on to another train wreck.

Anonymous said...

I love this post. One thing not mentioned is how she quickly bans readers for having an opinion other that her own. Very innocent questions raised or suggestions about maybe not sending tweets out when your son maybe getting a vent, etc and you are forever banned. She wants no one to know that there are all the questioning souls out there. Do we not have a right to ASK? I mean I wholeheartedly agree about banning people who link to porn or other crazy stuff to just be mean but this is not the case here. If she considers herself a professional blogger now, you would think she could handle both sides.


Anonymous said...

You mentrion in this oist, that you can't find any outright lies. I really think there are some. She tweeted about "date night" and even sent pictures, etc. Leading us all to believe they were living in perfect harmony and all this submission had done the trick. In fact they were going to maritial counseling. I am pretty sure she never mentioned the counseling at all. She led readers to believe this infamous book of which I don't recall the title, and God led them to this new happy place. In my opinion that is a lie. And there are many others as such. People commenting that they know her IRL (yes, I have no idea if they are for real) say her life is nothing as portrayed. I feel lied to.

Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly, her "date nights" were pictures of the fire PC had lit for them in their backward. There were no pics of them together. She probably took the pic days ago of a campfire somewhere else. Can I get a Bullshit in the house???? Date night. PUHLEEZE.

I choose to post anonymously, because I don't need the "Christians" littering my blog with garbage and scripture in an effort to save me and change my mind about Jennifer. Period.

Anonymous said...

Sorry...backyard :)

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:04 - I'm not a McKinney follower or apologist, so don't label me as such. Just in the interest of fairness, I want to point out some factual errors. She did write in her blog last year about having marital troubles. From Sept. 08: "It will not be easy, though, to make it through all this with my marriage intact. But I do firmly believe, that by the grace of God, my husband and I will make it. And, hear me on this: When we do make it, it will only be by the skin of our teeth." From March 09: "I think it is our commitment to loving the one we're with that, in part, helped us to weather the storms that raged in our marriage last year." She did talk about seeng a marriage counselor once, in the post about submission. And about that submission thing - I think some people are taking that way too seriously. I've been reading McKinney's blog for months and it's very clear she is a strong-willed woman who knows how to get what she wants. I don't believe she is submissive to her husband or anyone else. After reading that post, I came to the conclusion that in her mind, not getting your way 100% of the time is being submissive. (My ex-husband felt that way, which is why he is my ex-husband.) I'm sorry if you felt deceived by her blog. It was obvious to me from the beginning that it was more an exercise in creative writing and photography than a factual blog. With posts like "Last night Big Mac and I were discussing string theory down by the lake and oh by the way, I'm having this great giveaway contest this week involving strings so keep checking back..." Come on!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Very well said DWT. It is also concerning to me how people continue to brush off the DV as no big deal or that "everyone has issues." It also makes me so nervous at how many people blindly follow her and have almost a cult like presence surrounding her. You can and should continue to support her though this storm, but might want to look at yourself and your own values.

Anonymous said...

Home for sale info:

It was foreclosed on, although that info is not mentioned here.

Anonymous said...

it says foreclosure on the edina reality website. also, someone on found the sheriffs auction notes.

i was banned from jennifer mckinneys website for asking her how she fit 4 car seats in the back of her truck.
abuse is not normal... i can't believe she made it sound like being abused made her "like everyone else"


Anonymous said...

I think my thing with finding out about the mckmama domestic abuse is that it happened while she was pregnant with Stellan. I was pregnant at the same time... and, I just can't imagine being able to hide it THAT well. Also, in her post she makes it sound like being abused by her husband makes her normal. That's a scary message to be sending. It's not normal. people idolize her... here she is giving out marriage advice, that people are listening too all while being abused by her husband.

As far as the dramatizing Stellans illness... she does. I work at Children's. Is he sick? yes. is she dramatic? yes.

Anonymous said...

Dear Babs,

I am only one person who has left one comment, well now two. I can not link to anything of mine for a simple reason: I care about Stellan's health and outcome and I would like to keep up with that.

However, anyone who asks a simple, honest question about any of this or anything else for that matter, not only gets their comment deleted but they also get banned. Just for asking a question. Not bashing or badgering or insulting.

Banned! Doesn't that seem a bit harsh to you? So, I choose to post and ask questions this way to hopefully allow me to continue to support and pray for Stellan.

Make any sense at all?


Anonymous said...

Is the overmckmama blogspot account not active anymore? I am not able to access it... not sure if I am doing something wrong?

Anonymous said...

I know what blogger you are referring to, and I also know she has hinted at marital problems in the past. The post she basically did admit to some sort of domestic abuse, but I also am aware of the fact that domestic abuse comes in many different ways, not necessarily physical either.

Anonymous said... it's still very active, over 500 comments a day that DON'T get deleted & banned! Imagine!!

Anonymous said...

The date that a sentence begins is the date of sentencing or that a plea agreement is accepted. Given how slowly the wheels of justice grind, this could literally have happened months, perhaps even a year or two, before sentencing. If that is the case, the judge would take into account changes in behavior (counseling, etc) that have come to pass since the incident.

Anonymous said...

The incidents occurred at the end of August and the beginning of September of 2008. Apparently the wheels were turning pretty fast.

DownWiththeTrolls said...

The incidents happened the beginning of July '08 and the end of August '08. Sentencing occurred the first week of November '08. The order was modified the end of May '09.

All those dates on the reports can get confusing.

Anonymous said...

You're right, sorry. I should have looked it up instead of relying on memory when I posted that.

Anonymous said...

Well maybe I wasn't wrong. I checked the public record and it said the following:

Filed/Location/Judicial Officer

Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty

Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty

Are the filing dates different than the actual incident dates?

DownWiththeTrolls said...

Yes they are. If you read the reports, you will see the incident date to the right under Charge Information.

Anonymous said...

I see the dates you are referring to. Thanks for clarifying that information.

Anonymous said...

Can someone share the complete address as to where they are getting there information.I've been searching for a lomg time and cant find anyithing.I can't even get the house to come up. I would love to see for myself if everything you all are saying is true because you cant always believe what others say.I cant even get the overmckmama webiste to come up.I hope that someone will help me.

Anonymous said...

Go to

Click on the link that says Criminal/Traffic/Petty Case Records.

Find drop down menu on left side of page under where it says "required fields" in red and select "defendent".

Enter McKinney (last name) Israel

Click on Search

Glad to see you want to see the info for yourself instead of relying on what others say.

That should take you where you want to go. Take what you read there with a big grain of salt. Folks are very opinionated and they don't exactly use fact checkers.

Krista said...

As the moderator of ... I have a few things to say. Considering I've taken on such a gigantic task.. via topic and overall FACTS... I'd like you all to understand I did not take on this debacle based on a "grain of salt".
This is the FIRST "outside" post I have made outside of my blog.
Down With The Trolls made a factual, open-minded post of the facts. These facts were based upon my readers who did their research and emailed outbound via their own decision.
I have not contacted the moderator of Down With The Trolls, although I was a reader long before I started my blog.
I've dozens of requests to have links, facts and information regarding Israel and his domestic disputes. I have them. What do I share? How does one go about that? Once learned, I closed and hid my comments to the post that disclosed extreme information that is verifiable via our splendid court system. Until I was able to verify... and quite frankly, until I was able to figure out how the hell to handle it... I closed all info. In the meantime, DownWithTheTrolls wrote this post here detailing the debacle. I have since sent my readers to this page to read an open minded and logical post as well read comments that link to websites confirming Israel's domestic violence charges. I am incredibly impressed with the frankness, honesty, decorum and information DownWithTheTrolls has provided in regards to this story.
So to Anon@1:45am...
You are posting on a site that got their information from .
We are very opinionated. If we weren't... you wouldn't have an opinion now.
Thank you DownWithTheTrolls.
Based on the abundance of emails I have received... I am now opening my post linking all to direct courthouse websites which detail Israel's domestic violence records.

And you know what? This blows.


Anonymous said...

Krista: This is Anon @ 1:45. I've been reading your blog since day one. I defended you at the other blog when McKinney's friend was attacking you relentlessly. I'm not your enemy and wasn't saying anything negative about you or your blog. I've been following the abuse conviction story at your blog since Monday. I know the public court records first appeared at your blog and there is no question about their accuracy. However, the information in those records was limited. As can be expected in such a situation, people are speculating about what happened in an attempt to fill in the blanks. Your blog is a free and open forum - people can came there and say whatever they want, whether or not they have any proof to back up what they are saying. It's not the New York Times; you don't have fact checkers. Most people aren't naive enough to believe everything they read on the internet is true, but some are. Look at how many people take what's written at McKinney's site as absolute truth. "Take what you read there with a big grain of salt" was meant to remind people of that. It was not intended to be an insult to you or your blog. Apparently it's necessary to make long and detailed explanations of your intent to avoid people taking offense at your comments.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of whether or not you agree with MckMama's beliefs, attitudes, and blog writing tactics, I am most struck by the completely different "energy" given off by her and the commenters on her blog as compared to those of the self-proclaimed "anti Mckmama" blogs such as At MckMama's site, there is a real feeling of community and mutual support. Suffice it to say this is hard come by on any of the "anti" sites. All widely read blogs (including cfhusband)
have their following of detractors, and their administrators have the right to remove any comment they believe takes away from the atmosphere they want to create on their blog. More power to them.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Amy said...

@228 commenter...the only reason the blog at Mck's site is of a different energy is because she deletes ANY AND ALL dissenters/people who question ANYTHING about her. Today's post re: "homemade yogurt" (we call them 'smoothies' where I'm from)...she uses 'whole yogurt' and 'honey' for her ingredients...hopefully she's not feeding her sick NINE MONTH OLD these things, since INFANTS under 12 months shouldn't have DAIRY or HONEY (botulism, y'know...could kill a healthy child, let alone an ill one!)...just sayin'...things certainly don't add up in the MckMansion...

Anonymous said...

Amy, a 9 month old can eat yogurt.

Lisa said...

@ 2:57 anonymous re: the our quiverfull blog. You're barking up the wrong tree there! Obviously you just skimmed the site looking for what you wanted to see. How nauseating.

However, I'm not worried for Kate about any nasty spiteful people. She's got her heavenly Father on her side. And she loves and concentrates on her family too much to be distracted by troll hunters.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they can have yogurt, not honey.

Anonymous said...

in mckmama's latest post she says her husband didn't touch her... DWT, can you confirm or deny this?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

This is Jeff again. In my last comment, I reacted out of anger and frustration. I should not have called the commenter and idiot. My initial reaction was to defend my wife and family and I posted immediately, when I should have calmed down first and prayed about my response before doing so.

My apologies to the commenter at 2:57 and to all that read my comment.

DownWiththeTrolls said...

We have deleted the link to the blog a poster linked to earlier. It's understandable that the bad blogs out there would make some question everything, but we strive to keep this blog links to the blogs that are not legitimate (or have dangerous flaws, as is the case here).

Please feel free to email us links to blogs you question, but know that we all work full time and have families, so unless there's fraud, online identity theft, or something extremely wrong with the blog, we don't always have time to investigate everything like we would like.

We do look at every link sent to us, though.


Anonymous said...

Amy: You're so right. The only way Mckmama has been able to keep the ambiance on her blog positive (and she, Stellan and their whole family need the positive energy most of their visitors provide) is by deleting some comments that are not supportive. The main goal of such blogs focusing on a family member with an illness is to support them and their family, not to be a debate forum. And you and others have created debate forums....elsewhere, where they belong if they really need to exist in the first place.

Amanda said...

Ok, y'all, I work as a probation officer, and have for 5 years, and some of you seem to be confused as to what the terms of probation on a MISDEMEANOR domestic violence conviction would entail.

1. They do not have a 'monitor' or 'supervisor' live in the home with them.

2. If they are still married/with the victim, they are never forbidden contact with the victim. In fact, they would not be forbidden to have contact with the victim unless said victim requested that be a condition of supervision.

3. Persons on probation for domestic violence charges in which the victim is a 'intimate partner' are ordered to attend counseling called a Batterer's Intervention and Prevention Program (BIPP). At least here in Texas, this is a 26-week program.

4. The victim cannot be required attend counseling with the probationer. The victim is not at all subject to any of the conditions of probation, as they are not the person named on the court order. Therefore, the defendant would not be ordered to go to marital counseling because his conditions of probation cannot require anything of any person other than himself. If they are going to counseling together, it is voluntary and not because it is a condition.

5. Travel permits are often given by the probation officer as long as a probationer is in good standing. They do not even always have to be approved by a judge, especially on misdemeanors (chich this case is) unless there are special/unusual circumstances, such as travel outside of the country.

Anonymous said...

Amanda - Interesting observations but this discussion is about one particular person. It's stated in public court documents that he is to have no contact with the victim(s) and to not enter the premises without a police escort. These are some of the terms of his parole:

4. No violations of an Order for Protection, 11/03/2008, Active 11/03/2008
5. Domestic No Contact, except for counseling 11/03/2008 - 11/03/2009, Active 11/03/2008
10. No harassment violations, Or Restraining Order Violations 11/03/2008, Active 11/03/2008

This information is available at the website listed in a previous comment.

Susan said...

Oh my gosh, get a life and leave this woman alone. If you CARE that she may have been abused, send her an email privately. Her house and financial situation are no one's business. Read her blog or don't, but why must you all try to spread hate and open her family to public scrutiny? She holds no public office. She has a blog that intelligent people can read and take what they want, even if it is just hope for Stellan. If you are so offended, stop reading her and find another blog that better suits the hate and nastiness you feel the need to post. Or, try living in the shoes of someone who has a sick child, a difficult marriage, money issues,many children, and a blog that she is trying to earn a little money with. She has every right to delete mean comments. It is her damn blog! I can't believe that someone would care enough to google her public records. Have you no life? Hateful people like you should be able to have a blog, but leave other people alone. Haven't you ever heard of the golden rule? Mean people suck.

Jane said...

Dear Susan,

JM herself opened her life (AND her family's) up to public scrutiny...public blog, public scrutiny...plain and simple. Do I have a blog? No. Do I want people to dissect my life? No. Hence, I DO NOT MAKE IT AVAILABLE TO OTHERS. Common sense, honey. As all of the sh**p*e say, "you reap what you sow"...she's sowed quite a harvest this year! If she was smart (but she's not) she'd back away and take care of that poor sick child...but she won't. She's drunk on fame, and that's just too sad.


Susan said...

To the best of my knowledge , she does take care of all of her children. She has gone to great lengths to find the best care for her sick child. I am finished trying to ask people to stop all these negative crap. Who would be honest about their real problems with all of you commenting on everyday posts? Let it go, and stop reading her blog. She will be fine without you and all of your anonymous friends.

mountainmomma18 said...

I have to wonder why we as a society believe that if you are in the public eye that we desearve to know everything about you, we don't. The only exception to that may be a public servant and only if that has to do with their job. Seriously people, the fact that someone writes a blog, or makes movies, or has a TV show does not mean that you desearve to know everything about them. I know it has been repeated various times but it is good advice, if you do not like a blog DO NOT READ IT!! No one is forcing anyone to read some blog, so stop. She is not a public offical, what she chooses or does not choose to reveal in her blog is her business, who she banns or deleted is her business. Her blog is not public access. Do you watch TV shows that you do not like, no you don't and if enough people do not like something it gets cancelled. If you do not like a blogger quit going there and if enough people do that the blogger will not make any money. Look i do not know any of these anti people so i can not make judgements about them, but if someone were to base an opinion on them just from this, they do not look good. I am not a supporter of this blogger, but I think this has gotten out of hand. Let me say it again, you do not desearve to know everything about someone, public figure or not.

Anonymous said...

You know what I find interesting? So many people are here defending her. Do you honestly think she would come to your defense if someone was publicly flogging you? Do you think she even knows who you are? How do you know she doesn't feel the same way towards you? If you have a blog, do you think she even reads it? Do you honestly think she cares about you? Especially in the same way that you all seem to care about her? How do you know that she doesn't look at your lives and criticize you for your choices? You don't. So many people seem to worship the ground she walks on and step in at her defense, but she wouldn't do the same for you. She doesn't even know who you are. People assume that she is a good person with good intentions. But you don't know that. You defend everything she does but you don't KNOW her and you don't know if you're defending the truth or lies. People defended Emily Beth McDonald as well, and if you don't know who she is: a woman with a very sick child who was eventually found to be the one making her child sick. Jennifer has a lot of things in common with this woman. And all of Jennifer's children have had health issues. Maybe she's completely innocent when it comes to the health of her children, but maybe she's not. The truth is that you don't know she's innocent anymore than others know she's guilty.

Why do so many people take the time to defend someone they don't know anyway? It's even more interesting that the people who jump to her defense tell others to stop wasting their time, if you don't like it don't read it, mine your own business, etc. but the defenders are doing the SAME things. You are spending your time defending her, if you don't like the things written against her then don't read it, and maybe you should also mind your own business. Just because you think good things instead of bad, that doesn't mean that it's any of your business, either.

Someone who posts anonymously because Jennifer likes to "go after" people who are against her.

Anonymous said...

To the person who asked "why do you go to such great lengths to defend someone you don't know?", I ask "why do you go to such great lengths to attack someone you don't know?"

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:49 you still didn't answer the original question.

Anonymous said...

OMG! I can't believe what I am reading... If people don't like her, think she's a liar & that she's only out to make money from her blog, then why do you continue, TIME AFTER TIME, to click on her blog & why are you so interested in what goes on in her life? I'm not saying that you can't have an opinion about her, but if you don't agree then why do you care what she does, or who follows her blog?

And to air all of her dirty laundry, tell me one person out there who doesn't have skeletons in their closet and things that they prefer the public not know about their family. It's not our position to tell the world her private family issues. Millions of American families are facing foreclosure right now, unfortunately that's become somewhat of a norm for our economy. I don't understand how people have the time to sit and investigate this kind of crap, to me that time could be much better spent, such as casing the internet for Child Predators.

Regardless if you are Christian or not, show some sort of compassion, if not for her, at least for her children. And please devote your time/blogs/forums to something good.

mountainmomma18 said...

Speaking for myself at this point it's not about MCK. I am sure that she has never read my blog because I do not comment on hers, or do blog frog (honestly I really do not know what it is). And I am sure she would not like my blog much, I swear and stuff. And her not liking my blog would effect me in no way. But the point is not about her, she is just an example. The point I am trying to make is that I do not believe for one minute we have the right to know everything about someone who is a public figure. I don't think it's ok that celebrities have to go into hiding to have a baby or that photographers chase Brittany through LA as she is riding in an ambulance. Just because someone is a public figure, and this goes for ANY blogger, does not mean that you have the right to know every single thing about their personal life. What the hell happened to privacy? And why is it mommy bloggers are accused of not being real when they keep some stuff back? Why are they judged as mothers for whatever they do? And why in the world would someone spent time playing private detective finding out details of someone else's life and then writing about it with relish so that everyone knows their problems. In your life do you not keep some stuff private? Are you completly open with everyone about everything? I comment here because I read this website, I have commented here before and I think that the bloggers here do a very good job of looking at a subject in a way that not insulting or tabloid. I have been to the anti-site once and was annoyed with it, I didn't like the vibe, so I didn't go back. Which is pretty much the point, I don't like a site I do not go back and I don't waste my time commenting.

So here is my final point, at the end of the day MCK is just another blogger, but this whatever you want to call it that deals with her is just an example of a larger problem with specifically mommy bloggers. Look MCK or anyone else may talk about and/or judge other bloggers but the difference is that she is not digging into your private affairs and posting them on the internet.

At the begining of this I really didn't care about this so called scandal, but I have to say now I am on her side because she has handled this with a lot more class than I would have. And I would say that MCK and I disagree about pretty much everything, I am what you would call a bleeding heart liberal, but I still stand by my opinion, which is really all that any of this is, that bloggers are under no oblogation to tell their readers everything, to divulge every little aspect of their lives. Just because they write about their lives online does not make them any different from someone walking down the street. You do not desearve to know anything about someone unless they want to tell you.

Sorry for the long post, if you make it this far I owe you a cookie.